Hello ^_^

I started minieco in 2009! When it began I was a full time Mum so it gave my brain a bit of a workout (and also gave me a great excuse to make things!). Prior to having kids I worked as a web designer/developer in a very corporate environment – which probably accounts for the excessive use of colour on this site *^_^*

Now my sons are at school, I spend my days freelancing have finished my second book and am also training to be a teacher!

Our little family currently lives in the South-West of England, which is a really lovely (and very rainy) part of the world.


If you want to subscribe to my blog then you can do by clicking here…I promise not to bombard your inbox/reader with too much stuff!
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Supporting me

I show advertising on my site and I am also a member of three affiliate programs (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and The Book Depository). An affiliate advertising program is designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to relevant products.

By doing this I am able to keep all the stuff on this site free ^_^

Your thoughts?

If you have any ideas about how I can improve mini-eco then you can leave a comment or send me a message. I try really hard to reply to all email but I have a bad memory(!) and some do slip through the net, so if you don’t hear back from me do email again!


What camera do you use?
The camera I use is a Nikon D3000. It’s an entry level digital SLR and offers great value for money. I have a very bright conservatory which really helps…and I also use some big sheets of white paper as reflectors.

What’s the font you use on your navigation buttons?
Isn’t it lovely! It’s called ‘learning curve‘ and it’s free!

Who designed your site/what wordpress theme do you use
The theme I use/d is called destyle. I’ve fiddled around with it a lot so it looks very different from the original.

Where did you get the spotty tape
It’s called washi tape. If you google ‘MT washi tape polka dot’ you will see it.

What paper do you use?
I’m addicted to the Spectrascope range from Paperchase!


As of November 2012 minieco.co.uk receives:

300,000+ visits per month and gets 500,000+ pageviews per month (source: google analytics).

8,000+ RSS subscribers

5,500+ email subscribers

6,000+ facebook likes

270,000+ Pinterest followers.

Minieco’s alexa ranking is as follows:
Global rank: 75,504

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or require more statistic, then please contact me!

Kate x

181 thoughts on “Hello ^_^

  1. Nooo…!! Whya did I even click on this site.One part of me says just jump right in and the other is holding me back. My husband has already taken over the laundry and I am very reluctant to relinquish my domain (the kitchen). You make it all so tempting!

  2. Hi, my name is Kari Janne Standal, and I’m working in a norwegian interior magazine called rom123 (www.rom123.no). I’ve seen your lovely woven paper gift topper and would love to show it in our magazine. Unfortunately we don’t pay for this use, but we have a competition – The best idé of the month – and I will write your blogg-address in the magazine. If this is in your interest, I need some high resolution pictures (step-by-step).

    Best regards,
    Kari Janne 🙂
    Have a nice summer!

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful site.
    Made the heart card, the space invaders card and the skull card today and it was so easy!
    The tutorial was simple to follow along with and your photography makes everything look sooo beautiful!
    All the best,
    20 year old college student

  4. I just discovered your site on Stumble and I love the way it is set out, the lovely bright colour scheme you use throughout the site is very attractive and inspiring as well. I am a crafty mum to 5 boys, studying Graphic Design atm, so lots of time on the computer, but not at my craft table. Looking forward to visiting your site regularly,

  5. Just to say how much I love your blog. I’ve only just discovered it and felt compelled to read back to the very beginning of it. My son is grown up now (would have loved to have a blog like yours available to me when he was little), but there still is plenty to interest me on your blog, and I have only just started checking out the links… Thank you very much, and long may you continue blogging.

    1. Hi Helga,

      Thanks for such a kind comment. I love writing this blog and it has kept my brain ticking over while looking after my kids! Hope to see you here again soon.

      Kate ^_^

    1. Thats fine Janice. I am more than happy for people to use an image or two as long as the tutorial is not replicated in it’s entirety ^_^

  6. Hey Lovely Mind exploding creativity,
    My name is Vaishnavi and i am from Surat, Gujarat, India. I landed up to your amazing blog through pinterest. Just like you i too have been completely addicted to Pinterest. I browse through for crafty & gifting ideas. I loved the splash of colors on your blog and soon m going to try one of your creations. It would be for a friend of mine who has just delivered a baby. M glad i landed here.
    Your creations are going to be a big help for me.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      It was the standard lens it came with.

      I usually edit the pics in photoshop….usually just contrast & brightness (it rains a lot in my part of the worls so not often very bright in my house).

      1. Thanks, Kate! I just bought the next model of that camera but somehow my photos don’t look as bright as yours. I’ll try photoshop.
        Love your blog! Thanks for posting such fun and beautiful projects!

  7. Hi Kate, 

    I am a Bournemouth University PR student, and I am currently working on a group project which involves launching a brand/service online. We have decided on a home decor/craft website with accompanying Facebook and YouTube channel. We stumbled across your site and absolutely love it so we were wondering whether you might be able to help us out somehow. Perhaps you would be willing to share a link to our site on your blog etc. 
    Please let us know if you are able to help. 

    Best wishes, 
    Rachael x

  8. Hi Kate
    I am an editor at Danish magazine BoligLiv. I tried to contact you via the contact page, but am unsure whether you got it? I was writing to let you know that we would like to feature your blog in the magazine along with the image of the treat boxes, if we may? I will be happy to send you a magazine once it is published. Please get in touch :0) Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards from rainy Copenhagen.

  9. hello ma’am..i salute your art because it’s great and i like the colors..i would like to ask what font did you used in your minieco heading?thanks ma’am great job

  10. They should know exactly what they need to do to make their dreams come true.

    Making beats doesn’t mean you’re already making money. SONAR is the latest version of the long-serving Cakewalk series of DAWs.

    1. Hi Nick,

      I use wordpress and used a theme called destyle. I’ve fiddled around with it a lot so it looks very different from the original (I used to work as a web designer ^_^).

  11. Hi,

    How do you take your arts’ photos? how is your equipment and setup?
    Could you please share your techniques?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      The camera I use is a Nikon D3000. It’s an entry level digital SLR and offers great value for money. I have a very bright conservatory which really helps…and I also use some big sheets of white paper as reflectors.

      I usually edit photos in photoshop and just adjust brightness and contrast etc…

      Hope that helps ^_^

  12. Hello Kate,

    I was looking some crafts to do with paper stripes, so fortunately I found you… It´s gorgeous your work!!! Thank you very much for sharing… I also congratulate you for being a very organized mum…

    From Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico…

    Best regards,


  13. My coworker and I stumbled on your site, and we are in love!! You’ve inspired us to make a wall of gems in our art department, thank you so much for your printables! Absolutlely love your style and colors!! xo

  14. Hi Kate,

    I just wanted to write to say that you are the first UK craft blog that I’ve found that I’ve fallen head over heels for! The quality of the photos and tutorials is superb, and the posts are so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas – I am deeply envious. I’ve recently started a craft blog and it’s my dream that one day it will look halfway as good as yours!

    Please keep up the good work =)


    1. Hi Shelley,

      Thanks for leaving such a kind comment on my site today. nice to meet your blog. Looking fwd to seeing more of your crafts.

      BTW I tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn’t because it wouldn’t accept open ID credentials. Is there any way you could change that?

      Kate ^_^

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  17. Hello Kate I have just discovered you while looking for a pop up card tutorial – your heart one has inspired me to have a go at my own cupcake version! Seems we’re practically neighbours too – I’m in Bristol 🙂 Have followed you on pinterest and will be having a go at several of your projects soon – thank you!

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