As of November 2012 minieco.co.uk receives:

300,000+ visits per month and gets 500,000+ pageviews per month (source: google analytics).

8,000+ RSS subscribers

5,500+ email subscribers

6,000+ facebook likes

270,000+ Pinterest followers.

Minieco’s alexa ranking is as follows:
Global rank: 75,504

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Kate x

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  1. Hi Kate, I’m dropping you a line to introduce myself and my blog. I’ve just seen your site for the first time via oneprettything.com who linked to your owl printable on Skip To My Lou. I just love your site, the simplicity of the projects and your style….I have been blogging for about 1 1/2 years at http://www.creativejewishmom.com and have an international weekly linking party every Sunday thru Wed.
    There are usually lots of great projects as I do my best to invite the best crafters from around the world (like you for example!) and I would be so pleased if you would join us and link to some projects. I actually linked to the owl mobile from skip to my lou, since I often throw a project or two myself in the mix if it’s something great (which your mobile is!), but I’m going to change the URL to link to your blog….in any case, iI’d love to see more of your projects this week if you have a moment. Love the tin can drums and the knitted bell anklets! all the best and hope to see you@ http://www.creativejewishmom.com

  2. Hello dear,
    I ‘m a mother of two children of three and 1 years, who lives in Italy.
    I am a graphic designer, and I really like your idea and your website,
    I recently began designing the natural toys for children’s, and decorate
    Kindergarten rooms.. spaces more cleaner with recycled materials.

    Last night, while my husband slept , reading your pages,
    I had the idea of offering a Eco course for small children,
    to work with them direct experience with nature.

    I see that my child brings home, many work end up in the trash,
    and we want to propose it at the municipal level,
    We are I and another mother who is a teacher and a waldorf orientation ..
    to make a more eco-friendly conscience for children and parents, a more creative and ecological education.
    We want to help?
    We would be happy!
    I await your mail and thank you very much for what you do,
    People like you, make a difference!

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