Macramé {MiniEco: A Craft Book}

I have become addicted to macramé over the last few years and there is a whole section dedicated to it in the new book. All the basic knots are explained and there is a QR code which you can scan for each project. The QR code will link to an animated gif which will show the project being made. (I don’t own a smart phone yet so this is quite high tech for me!)

Macramé // MiniEco: A Craft Book

Photography by Garry Maclennan.
Styling by Clare Nicolson.

MiniEco: A Craft Book is published by Cicada Books and will be out in October 2013. It’s available for pre-order through Amazon and The Book Depository – yay!

Simple hanging vase // Josephine knot & gathering knot

Hello there! Minieco feels a bit neglected at the moment :/ However behind the scenes I have been crafting my little heart out.

I’ve been bead-weaving, sewing, dyeing, printing, woodworking, macramé-ing and paper-crafting my way through 30 new projects for my new book (I’m 2/3 of the way through the project list so hope to be posting a lot more in April).

My macramé obsession has reached fever pitch lately. I made a quick hanging vase this morning and thought it would be nice to share it with you.

Simple hanging vase by minieco

To make this hanging vase you only need to learn a ‘Josephine knot’ (aka Carrick bend) and a ‘gathering knot’ so it’s a lovely easy project if you are just starting out down the macramé/knot-tying route.

Simple hanging vase by minieco

Simple hanging vase by minieco

Simple hanging vase by minieco

Simple hanging vase by minieco

– – – – – – – – – –

+ 4 lengths of cord measuring at least 1.5 meters (I used super long shoelaces – but you can use paracord instead)
+ About 50cm of cord (I used a contrasting colour)
+ Glass vase….a jam jar works just as well.
+ Elastic band (optional)
+ Some flowers!

– – – – – – –

First of all you need to master the Josephine knot. Check out the animated gif below. Once you have done this follow the rest of the instructions below:

Simple hanging vase by minieco

1. Find somewhere to work…a wall hook works well, or you can use a door handle! Hang your ring on the hook and thread your cords through the ring at their halfway point. You should have 8 working cords.

2. Now you need to do a gathering knot. Chop your extra piece of cord into two pieces. Take one piece and form a loop as shown

3. Take the right-hand section of cord and wind it tightly round the 8 cords. You should do this about 6 times.

4. Now take your bottom-tail and thread it through the loop at the bottom.

5. Pull on the upper tail.

6. Keep pulling until the loop is tucked inside the cord wrap. You can trim the ends. Depending on your cord you may need to seal the ends with a lighter to stop them from fraying. (Take care with this step and practise on a spare piece of cord first).

7. Leave a gap then tie a Josephine knot using the front four pieces of cord.

8. Turn your curtain ring around and repeat step with the back four pieces of cord.

9. Leave a gap again and tie two more Josephine knots as shown.

10. Pop your vase/jar inside and see how it fits. You may need to alter the position of the Josephine knot depending on the shape of the vessel you use. Put an elastic band around the eight cords so that your vase/jar is well supported. Take the other piece of cord and tie another gathering knot at the bottom.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on.

Simple hanging vase by minieco

BTW: I have been dreadful at replying to emails and comments over the last few weeks…I will make a concerted effort to catch up over the next few days ^_^

{macramé: half knot spiral} washer & wingnut bracelet

Hello there! I finally got around to posting after a hectic few weeks. I’ve been working on a big project which is all done and dusted now so I will be making more frequent updates between now and Christmas…phew! I sincerely wish there were more hours in the day!

I’m hoping to post another Halloween craft in the next day or so. Between now and then here is another macramé bracelet.

macramé: half knot spiral

It’s comprised of a’half knot spiral’ (and is even easier than the square knot bracelet I showed you previously).

A few people left comments about the last bracelet saying it looked like it may take too long to make. Rest assured, once you have sussed the knots, you can knock one up in ten minutes! (They are much quicker to make than friendship bracelets). If you don’t like the nuts/washers/wingnuts then just use beads instead. (Speaking of beads…I have a great giveaway coming up later on in the week so stay tuned).

By the way thanks to all you lovely people who ‘liked’ my facebook page. You made me feel very welcome! I’ll be posting all my favorite crafts from around the web there so check it out.

macramé: half knot spiral

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