geometric heart: love letters // popup card

Hello everyone. I’ve been making these expandable/collapsible geometric heart cards – great for love letters!

love letter template // by minieco

It’s a really simple project to put together and one that you could customise to your own taste. After you have made your heart all you need to do is write your sweet nothings inside and pop it in an envelope.

love letter template // by minieco

love letter template // by minieco

You can also incorporate this geometric heart into an easy popup insert for a card (perfect for the people who found the popup pixel heart card too difficult).

Simple pop-up heart card // by minieco

Simple pop-up heart card // by minieco

If you want to make either of these projects then click the link below for instructions and templates!


– – – – – – – – – –
+ Good quality A4 paper (in whatever colours you fancy)
+ Scissors
+ Ruler
+ Glue
+ Pointy object for scoring

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Love letter
Love letter envelope

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Insert & outer card


– – – – – – – – – –

Print out the templates. Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ and ‘grayscale’. Cut around the outside of your templates.

Score along the dotted lines using a ruler and pointy object (such as compass or needle). Fold along each of these lines.

For the love letter you will need to make a mountain fold across the vertical dotted line and two valley folds across the diagonal dotted lines.

For the pop-up card you will need to make a mountain fold along the dotted line that runs through the heart and valley fold for the rest of the lines.

love letter template // by minieco

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  1. Hello ! Your ideas are amazing ! I love visiting your website ! I like it so mutch that I used it as an inspirations in one of my latest posts :-) Have a nice day ! Martuś.

    • Kate #

      Thanks for the kind words Martuś ^_^

  2. jet #

    cute and fun idea, love it, thank you for your brilliant idea and the sharing.
    like as well the bright colours of the picts of yours. It’s rocking!!!!;-D

  3. Love your site and all the ideas you share. Thanks so much.

  4. Oh cuteness! thank you :)

  5. This is such a brilliant idea, I think I might make one for valentine’s day.

  6. sylvie #

    Love your site and all the simple and stunning ideas. My kindda people!
    I am trying to download the template. I allowed the download of the software. I still can’t get anything. Every time I click the download/play button I get the site asking me to download the software. How to I get to the actual templates?


  7. Edna #

    Hi, thanks for sharing your ideas. my daughter and I love it.
    I don’t understand what is the outer card for

    • Din #

      I think… It’s for.. A surprise effect? I guess the popup heart was supposed to be a surprise and seeing a missing part of the card would be a great giveaway, ruining it.

    • Kate #

      Hi Edna,

      Din is right. The outer layer covers the inner layer.

      The inner card needs to be carefully stuck inside the outer card. When you open the card it pops out.

      • Edna #

        Got it!!!, thank you. Hello from Mexico!!!!

  8. Din #

    Whoa! THANK YOU for posting this :D I love this, what a way to make a person feel special >///<

  9. Carole #

    I made very similar items at an art retreat years ago but have long lost the templates. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  10. This great ! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  11. Keeley #

    Using these for my love letters to strangers (see

    Been looking for a way to make my letters a little bit more lovey- this is it!

    Thanks, this is so great!

    • Kate #

      Hi Keeley,

      Let me know if you put any on your site…I would love to see them.

      Kate ^_^

  12. Amazing idea! Could I use it to surprise my boyfriend for Saint Valentine’s Day? What do you think?

  13. scrutnch1 #


    many thanks
    I love it
    I’ll do with my pupils in france Tomorrow and Friday

  14. christine #

    so cute! thank you for posting this! ^_^

  15. Abinayaa #

    Hi Kate!! I came across your page today and your works are simply stunning. It is a WOWWWWWWWW from me. I liked your fb page also to get your regular updates… !!!! Keep up the good work.. :) You are inspiration to many of us. I have selected few of your works to try… But pls guide me in the type of paper you use.. What GSM is it? Will 160 GSM A4 sheets work?

  16. Hello,

    What a cute idea! I like it! Thanks for sharing ;)



  17. hikmet #

    you are really amazing.. ı subconcsiously click your website and ı fond of it very much now..ı am a teacher and ı will use these great ideas for my kids..thanks a lot..ı love you ;)

  18. Carmen Molina #

    Thank you for sharing this is so AWESOME!

  19. Deborah #

    Wonderful blog, great ideas! Thanks for sharing your ideas! =)

  20. TwinMomWA #

    Cute idea! My 10-year old daughter made the popup cards for her teachers. We found that the outer card was a bit too large for the envelope template you list here (if you trim it down to the inner card size, it would work). We did end up using the envelope from your pixel heart card; that was a bit larger than needed, but worked better than the prescribed envelope. Thanks for the Valentine’s help!

  21. these are brilliant! our two young girls are so excited to decorate and give to their friends!!!

  22. Lara #

    I like this. This a fantastic idea

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