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DIY word search gift wrap

Hello to everyone. Hope you have all had a lovely Easter (that’s if you celebrate it of course!).

I saw this wrapping paper a while back and thought it was pretty cool.

There are loads of ‘wordsearch generators’ available online so it’s really easy to make your own personalised word search gift wrap. You don’t even need much in the way of supplies…just some white paper and some highlighter pens (or you can use highlighter strips).

DIY word search gift wrap

I created my word search using My grid contained 20 columns and 24 rows. This fills an A4 sheet. Make sure you only print the first page out though…the second page just contains the words you have added.

I also put each word into the wordsearch generator about 6 times (as some words appear backwards or aren’t in the right place after wrapping the present).

DIY word search gift wrap

Instead of wrap you could make some wide gift ribbon to wrap around a present. You could also make some nice cards, envelopes or small gift-bags!

After a quick google I found another DIY word search gift wrap tutorial here so you may wanna check that out for more tips.

DIY word search gift wrap

Happy word-searching ^_^

DIY word search gift wrap

DIY word search gift wrap

32 thoughts on “DIY word search gift wrap

  1. This is an awesome idea! I like the fact that no ribbon is required and this is perfect for a small gift. Thank you for all the resource links 🙂

  2. Thanks Molly,

    Love your quilling projects…keep meaning to have a go at it!

    Kate ^_^

  3. Ha! Clever! At the moment it doesn’t feel like it… present I’m revising for a maths test (to secure a place on a college course) and my brain is very rusty!! Making things look pretty I can do. Maths is another story 🙁

    Love the ‘blanks’ in your shop btw…shame you are on the other side of the world to me!

  4. This idea is so cool! I recently found your blog (in one of my search for 3D paper figures) and I simply cannot have enough of it, your ideas are brilliant and I wish I could be as creative as you are, soooo inspiring! thank you x

  5. Hi! Your blog is just incredible, I truly love your ideas and style. I found your blog last fall but I somehow lost it; now we’re reunited and I couldn’t be happier. You bring lots and lots of joy to Finlands grey spring. Thank you and have a pleasant spring!

  6. Thanks for the very kind words Heidi. Glad you found your way back. Hope spring arrives soon. Only just arrived in the UK! So nice to finally see a bit of sun ^_^

  7. Cool idea. What a great way to personalise a gift.

    Btw you may also want to try the free wordsearch maker at It lets you control the direction of words, grid size, and grid shape, so might speed up the process or open up some other creative angles for you.

  8. Loved this Kate.
    I’m an INDIAN . In India there is a festival for siblings named “Rakshabandhan” .
    I went in the market and searched for various gift wraps to wrap my gift for my bro . I come through many festive-themed wraps , but I wanted to give the gift a little personal touch with the wrap . I came face to face with ur site on Brit n co website. And really I loved ur IDEA . I’m sure that my gift will be the best and my brother would love it . Thanx a lot Kate for ur beautiful n amazing creation . Keep it up dear .
    And one thing I would like to say , you are really clever.
    I am going to subscribe ur blog but I am not getting the link : (

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