Paper city

I stumbled across this fantastic blog, Made by Joel, and wanted to share. Joel uses his blog to post toys or crafts he has created for his kids and if you have a look you will find some really inspirational stuff on there.

Paper city - Made by Joel

Pictured above is his ‘paper city’ and if you go to his blog you will find free templates to download. A perfect activity for a rainy day.

Paper city - Made by Joel

Joel has also updated his paper city recently and has included a series of very cool paper vehicles to download.

Paper city vehicles

Thanks Joel!

Ice cube painting

We decided to have a go at ice painting the other day and it was a roaring success. My three year old, who loves getting messy, and who is fascinated with ice was in his element. The results also looked brilliant and will make the most amazing gift wrap.

Ice cube painting

It’s dead easy to do, and perfect if your regular paint supply has run out. All you need to do is freeze some ice cubes with a couple of drops of food coloring in each cube – easy! I would advise laying out lots of paper on the floor or on a table as it can be a little bit messy. It may also not be a good activity for younger ones. The first thing my youngest did was try to eat them so we gave him some plain ice cubes instead.

If the weather is a bit on the cold side then ditch the paper and sit your little one up to the sink, with a bowlful of warm water and lots of containers and let the colour melting/mixing commence.

By the way, food colouring can stain little hands, if you rub some moisturising cream into them beforehand it acts as a pretty good barrier.

Egg carton seed starter

Egg tray seedlingsIf you are thinking spring, and want your kids ‘green fingers’ to blossom, then check out this article at growing up creative.

The egg garden seed starter is the perfect outdoor activity for your little ones. As well as being a simple and fun way to start seeds for your garden it’s also eco-friendly and biodegradable.

We gave it a bash as you can see from the pictures. I just love the one of my son gazing into his egg box seed tray – I reckon he’s expecting them to pop up any second!

All in all we had lots of fun…our plants are blooming…and my sons are having lots of fun watering their plants every day.

Happy planting!

Egg tray seedlings


Have a look at this brilliant french website called e-coloriage. This green e-coloring book, started by illustrator/designer Nicole Maubert, is a fun way to help educate our children to safeguard this little blue planet we live on.


Fifty designers and illustrators have contributed to the project and each week e-coloriage offer two new pictures for you to download and color in. All designs are free and can be downloaded in PDF format from their website.

The site is written in french. If your french needs some work (as mine does!) you can translate the site using google’s translation service. For some reason I can’t download the PDF’s when using this service so I have added a link directly to the downloads page here.

All in all I think its a wonderful site. The illustrations are top notch and your kids get to know a bit about saving the planet as well as a bit of French too!

Remember to print on recycled paper and use both sides!