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As of November 2012 receives:

300,000+ visits per month and gets 500,000+ pageviews per month (source: google analytics).

8,000+ RSS subscribers

5,500+ email subscribers

6,000+ facebook likes

270,000+ Pinterest followers.

Minieco’s alexa ranking is as follows:
Global rank: 75,504

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or require more statistic, then please contact me!

Kate x

2 thoughts on “Sponsorship

  1. Hello dear,
    I ‘m a mother of two children of three and 1 years, who lives in Italy.
    I am a graphic designer, and I really like your idea and your website,
    I recently began designing the natural toys for children’s, and decorate
    Kindergarten rooms.. spaces more cleaner with recycled materials.

    Last night, while my husband slept , reading your pages,
    I had the idea of offering a Eco course for small children,
    to work with them direct experience with nature.

    I see that my child brings home, many work end up in the trash,
    and we want to propose it at the municipal level,
    We are I and another mother who is a teacher and a waldorf orientation ..
    to make a more eco-friendly conscience for children and parents, a more creative and ecological education.
    We want to help?
    We would be happy!
    I await your mail and thank you very much for what you do,
    People like you, make a difference!

  2. Hello there, Kate!
    I just wanted to tell you how much I admire everything you have done, and I wanted to suggest a little something something. (:
    As a graphic design student, I really look up to you! It’s impossible not to fall in love with all the awesome little projects in your page, and the fact that you give everyone the opportunity to use your designs to make such pretty things just melts my heart. It’s really nice and kind of you.
    Since you help everybody so much, I think it would be great if we could help you as well. Is there a way you can add an application to the page that allows people to donate some money to you ,maybe via PayPal?
    I feel it is fair to donate at least a few buck to you, so we can support your work and fund your projects! After all, you have helped a lot of your fans (: We could be your sponsors! But again, this is just a suggestion.
    Thanks again for all the very pretty designs <3 Have a nice day and take care!

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