DIY Ice Pack

My sons have broken up for the summer holidays (yay!) and have six weeks off school. They are 4 & 6 (and only 14 months apart) and are always fighting getting into scrapes. On the second day of the holidays my eldest son rode his bike into a tree – I really could have done with an ice pack but we had to make do with a soggy cloth instead! Next time I will be more prepared!

DIY Ice Pack //

– – – – – – – – –
+ 2 x ziplock bags
+ Antibacterial hand gel
+ Water
+ Food colouring (optional)

– – – – – – – – –

1. Mix one part hand gel to 3 parts water. Add food coloring to make it look a bit prettier (also helps to identify freezer leaks!).

2. Pour your mixture into a zip-lock bag. Squeeze air out and seal the edge. You can double-bag or triple-bag your ice pack to safeguard against leaks.

3. Pop your ice pack into your freezer. Because the hand gel has alcohol in it, it won’t freeze solid but will stay as a gel (or as a pliable solid).

4. When you need to use your ice pack just pop it in a sock or wrap in a tea towel and press it against the bump/bruise. You can even sew a little cover for it if you want.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

There are several other recipes across the web, I didn’t have the right ingredients to hand, but you may:

Recipe 1: Rubbing alcohol & washing up liquid
Recipe 2: A frozen saturated sponge inside a ziplock bag
Recipe 3: 1 part cheap hair gel, 1 part rubbing alcohol
Recipe 4: Vodka & water (I can think of better things to do with vodka though!)

Here’s wishing you all a fun and injury-free summer holiday!

Kate x

DIY Lego Key Holder

I‘m always losing my keys so I was super-thrilled to find this idea at technabob over the weekend.

DIY lego keyholder

I couldn’t bring myself to drill through a lego piece (!) but after raiding my sons lego box I found the perfect bit to attach the key to (lego part number 3176). (I’ve just ordered six more of these bits through ebay so my sons and I can make a key holder for my hubby for fathers day ^_^).

DIY lego keyholder

You can have fun customising this keyholder in any way you want. We stuck a stormtrooper minifig on the top of ours…he is the new guardian of the key…which means I don’t have to accept responsibly for lost keys any more…yay!

DIY lego keyholder

Happy Monday!