DIY Lego Key Holder

I‘m always losing my keys so I was super-thrilled to find this idea at technabob over the weekend.

DIY lego keyholder

I couldn’t bring myself to drill through a lego piece (!) but after raiding my sons lego box I found the perfect bit to attach the key to (lego part number 3176). (I’ve just ordered six more of these bits through ebay so my sons and I can make a key holder for my hubby for fathers day ^_^).

DIY lego keyholder

You can have fun customising this keyholder in any way you want. We stuck a stormtrooper minifig on the top of ours…he is the new guardian of the key…which means I don’t have to accept responsibly for lost keys any more…yay!

DIY lego keyholder

Happy Monday!


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  1. This is perfect! Now I just need to get me a stormtrooper…

    • Kate #

      Many thanks Arthur. Good luck with your search ^_^

    • Nora #

      Arthur….may the force be with you on your search

  2. Great idea!

  3. FANTASTIC! My fiance and I have been talking about doing something similar for a long time.

    What did you use to stick it to the wall?

    • Kate #

      Hi Stephanie,

      I used those double sided sticky foam pad things! ^_^

  4. I LOVE this!! I am forever losing my keys – this is definitely the way forward!!

  5. Oh, I love this. And whenever inspiration hits you can build a new something on the side.

  6. Such a brilliant idea!

  7. Awesome! I love this, too!

  8. This is just so darn cleaver and FUN. Love it! And even tho my son is 16 I still had an odd assortment of Lego’s with the right pieces to make the key holder!


    • Kate #

      Yay! Glad you found the pieces you needed! ^_^

  9. I love it!
    Where can you get the lego part number 3176?

    • Kate #

      Hi there…I got mine from ebay but there seems to be less for sale than there was a few days ago! Let me know where you are in the world and I will try to find out.

  10. Renee #

    Found the link to this page on pinterest and I was so excited!! My boyfriend is 25, but still has several totes of legos he insisted on bringing when we moved into our apartment. This is such a cool way to use some of his legos and find our keys! Thanks for sharing this!!

    • Kate #

      Yay…hope he likes it Renee!

      • Renee #

        We both love how it turned out! I found different pieces with holes in them, but it still works just fine! Thanks again!

        Here’s how mine turned out :)

        • Kate #

          Looks great Renee. Big pat on the back :)

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    Have a blessed day Janet

  12. This is so genius! Love your addition of the storm trooper! Just posted on Craft Gossip as a Father’s Day Craft!!

    • Kate #

      Thanks Kristen ^_^

  13. Very cute, love the idea of this! I’m always putting my keys down somewhere and then not being able to find them…

  14. Laura #

    Lego also has lego magnets for the fridge. If you used one of them as the base, then you’d have a magnetic key holder. Love this idea!!

    • Kate #

      Love that idea Laura…would be really easy to stick magnets to a regular baseboard too. I have used neodymium magnets for other projects…they are super small and super strong and would do a great job (I think regular magnets wouldn’t be strong enough to hold up a bunch of keys).

    • Flo #

      I wouldn’t stick magnets anywhere near my wallet ;)

  15. Regina #

    You can also get these pieces -and many other pieces – directly from LEGO through their Pick-A-Brick program. Right now I only see the grey on my search, but you can look through to see what else there may be.

    Love this idea!!!

  16. smeltn #

    I ended up making one of these today. My son always comes in the door and can never remember where he put his key. He is a HUGE lego fan, so I showed him this and he went to work. I liked it so much I decided to use it for myself and my daughter, so we made room for 3. We even put our own lego characters on top to show whos spot is whos.

    See a picture below:

    Thanks so much for this idea, I love it!!

  17. smeltn #

    I ended up making one of these today. My son always comes in the door and can never remember where he put his key. He is a HUGE lego fan, so I showed him this and he went to work. I liked it so much I decided to use it for myself and my daughter, so we made room for 3. We even put our own lego characters on top to show whos spot is whos.

    See a picture below:

    Thanks so much for this idea, I love it!!

    • Kate #

      Yay…it looks great smeltn. Thanks for the message and photo ^_^

  18. I’ve made a modified version of this design that fits on the back of a shelf. I note that up to four of part 3176 can fit together to easily join different key rings.

  19. This is an amazing idea!!

  20. Love it! I recently put together a roundup of sweet, quirky, silly, awesome ways for grown ups to repurpose kid’s toys. Would you mind if I included this?

    • Kate #

      Hi Candice…..that’s cool. Thank you :)

  21. Awesome! I made jewelry out of legos, but I didn’t have any trouble drilling holes in them. At first it felt like I was desecrating them, but when I was done the holes were nearly invisible and the legos were still usable. That sort of made it more acceptable.

    • Kate #

      Thanks Guiseppi…nice to know your thoughts ^_^

  22. Hmm, I am thinking it is very suitable for a child’s room, but not a stylish home like mine!

    • Kate #

      I take your point but I think ‘style’ is very subjective matter ^_^

  23. Clever, I could use a male minifig and female minifig to distinguish my keys from my partner’s :) And for a stylish house, just cover the plate with “flat” no-stubs parts ;)


    • Kate #

      zpaulo…I made an all white one the other day and it looks lush. Like your idea about using no-stubs pieces ^_^

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  25. You just made my day and made my life so much easier, thanks!

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  27. This is so adorable..good thing I have magnetic lego pieces–keys on the fridge, he’ll never miss them since that’s where the food is :D

    • Kate #

      Yay…my man always hanging out near fridge too! ^_^

  28. Richie #

    Not to sound stupid , but where does the white piece go? Behind the blue piece as support ?

  29. Loved this idea so much that I blogged it. What fun!

    • Kate #

      Yay! Thanks gebrichi ^_^

  30. Hi Kate – I just discovered your awesome site when I noticed that you’d added one of our products to your Houzz ideabook! Then I popped over to read Mini-eco and I’m so excited to find you :) Have shared this post on our blog too – love the stormtrooper! Thanks so much!

    • Kate #

      Yay…thanks Corinne ^_^

  31. jet #

    such a great idea and sooo cool and funny, love it,
    thank you very much for sharing this and for the great tute;-D

  32. So amazingly clever. I love this!

  33. So simple and absolutely brilliant!! Thanks for this fun idea :) Love your site!

  34. Tian #

    I dont want to sound stupid but where does the square white piece go? Thanks

    • Kate #

      Hi…it sits under the blue piece…makes it easier to get the blue piece off the board….entirely optional though ^_^

  35. Jacqueline #

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve visited a Lego Store and looked at all the numerous Lego figure key holders and found…NOTHING that I wanted. This DIY project is so fantastic, simplistic, and so versatile. Thank you for sharing it!

  36. How do you mount it to a wall, so it wont just tear off every time you take your keys off it? Really cool though.

  37. Jaimy #

    If you have extra pieces that look like that, you can attach them together on opposite directions to make a heart

  38. aMY #

    Coolest DIY thing I’ve seen :)

  39. Brandi #

    I love this idea but i need something where dad can just hang his keys becuase I don’t think he will take the time to actually put his keys thru the hole.

    • Brandi #


      • Kate #

        Hi Brandi…the blue bit stays on the key always…it become a keyring as such.

        • Brandi #

          oh ok i see. Thanks for clearing that up. Now I feel dumb. lol

          • Kate #

            no worries….I’ve had plenty of dumb moments today so welcome to the club :-)

  40. Maudy #

    I have had mine for years, works like a charm!

  41. SKnight #

    I want to make this for my friends wedding as He proposed to her using a sweet slide show with a mini fig holding the ring. I am confused as to how the mini fig is attached. I thought it would be a great place for them to display said mini fig but have to tell them how. Thanks!

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