Crafty envy #11 // Pots!

I am quite in love with faces on plant pots. I think it’s time to dig out the Sharpies! I do hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend ^_^

Crafty envy #11 // MiniEco // Cacti!

1. Hand painted plant pot | Donna Wilson.
2. Egg cup succulent planters |

7 thoughts on “Crafty envy #11 // Pots!

  1. Hi Kate!

    I am an 11 year old who found your blog very recently. I really love your posts and bright pictures and I enjoy trying out your tutorials too! I tried making the donut but it came out a bit wrong because I copied the donut template instead of printing it 😐 I’m a big fan of Hama Beads and I want to try making something similar to your candleholder that you made before. Thank you for all the lovely tutorials you have shared!

    Habiba 🙂

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment Habiba. Do let me know how the HAMA bead candle holder goes…its tricky to begin with but very addictive when you have got the knack of it.

      Kate ^_^

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