Free Fonts #4

I‘ve just stumbled across Filiz Sahin’s website and found lots of really lovely free fonts to download. They are only available as .eps, .ai and .ps files so you will need Illustrator or Photoshop in order to use them. Hopefully they will be available as .ttf files soon!

My favorite is this hand painted font called Mink Type. You can download here. Thanks Filiz!

Free font // Mink Type // Filiz Sahin

Click here to see more of my favorite free fonts.

6 thoughts to “Free Fonts #4”

  1. Hi Kate, I am a printer based in the UK and I absolutely love fonts and typography! I wrote a blog for our new website all about typography and how different fonts generate different emotions. The research I did was really fascinating so when I come across a new font I always pay special attention as to how it makes me actually feel. Needless to say this one makes me feel lighthearted and happy 🙂

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