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I have finally opened a Tumblr page. It’s a work in progress so not fully up to date yet.

I would love very much for you to ‘follow’ me. Then I can follow you! (I have ’1′ follower at the moment so it’s a bit lonely over there!!). Happy Saturday.


Kate ^_^


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  1. Hey Kate, your tumblr blog looks already lovely. :) I treasure your colorful craft ideas!

  2. Mira #

    Followed you! Love your updates and your craft templates! Always make me feel happy.

  3. It’s amazing how many bloggers are now joining tumblr ;) The theme you chose is so perfect for your posts style! Look forward to seeing more. (I am also on tumblr, link is in my name above this comment) Stop by!

  4. Oh this is so exciting! I never noticed this book before!!! Purchasing the kindle version for Summer 2014!! SOO excited! Oh, ps, opps! the above link in my name is my correct tumblr blog url :D

  5. hi, this is excellent information.. i agree with you..

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