Animated snow globe love // LA Times

These have been around for a while but they are just too good not to show! There are 50 other glorious animated snowglobes on the LA Times blog. Check them out!

Animated snow globe love

I absolutely ♥ the bear!

Animated snow globe love

Pixely popup Christmas cards coming next week!


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  1. I’m enjoying imagining !

  2. These are fabulous! I must be very behind the festive times though because I’ve never seen them before. So thank you for bringing animated snow globes into my life. Things will never be the same again xx

    • Kate #

      Yay…glad I’m not the only snow-globe lover in the world!

  3. Nattie #

    Love this!

    Natalya @ Ruff House Art

  4. Adorable!

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