RIP Google Reader // Free Fonts #2

Kate / June 24, 2013

I just found out last week that Google Reader is going to retire on the 1st of July. I think I am the last person to know! It sent me into a bit of a flap because, until now, all…

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Animated snow globe love // LA Times

Kate / November 15, 2012

These have been around for a while but they are just too good not to show! There are 50 other glorious animated snowglobes on the LA Times blog. Check them out! I absolutely ♥ the bear! Pixely popup Christmas cards…

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Website envy #1 {Supermarket Sarah}

Kate / November 7, 2012

I‘ve been meaning to share this website with you for a-g-e-s. It’s called Supermarket Sarah and really is one of the nicest online shops I’ve ever seen. Go and explore. I promise you will like it! Sorry things have been…

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