RIP Google Reader // Free Fonts #2

I just found out last week that Google Reader is going to retire on the 1st of July. I think I am the last person to know! It sent me into a bit of a flap because, until now, all of my email subscriptions have been handled through google reader.

After a frantic weekend I have now set up a new newsletter plugin and have copied all the old subscriber email addresses over. If you are currently subscribed you will (hopefully) receive two email from me while I test out the plugin. From the 1st of July you will continue receiving one email per post, as usual!

If you aren’t subscribed to minieco and want to receive updates via email then click here to join!

If you are looking for a replacement reader I can heartily recommend bloglovin (I have also tried feedly and that seems pretty cool too). If you have any recommendations then please share!

Fonts: Soy milk // Jess Font // Brain Flower // The Skinny // Peach Milk

While I am here I thought I would show you some lovely fonts I’ve just discovered. The chunk of wood behind them has just been chopped up and features in my next project!

Soy Milk by Denise Bentulan
Jess Font by Jess from
Brain Flower by Denise Bentulan
Peach Milk by FrΓ©dΓ©ric Rich
The Skinny by Jusebox

View more free fonts here.

12 thoughts on “RIP Google Reader // Free Fonts #2

  1. I was so sad when I found out about this years ago. And my beloved iGoogle is retiring too. πŸ™ πŸ™

    I have been using feedly and I really like it! I already transferred this blog over to it. πŸ™‚

  2. I found out about gr being killed off in a ritualistic fashion in February or March… thats about when the alert started cropping up at log in. I moved over to, its set up a lot like google reader used to be– same sort of layout, with the ability to share to your friends. its alright, i like it. its userbase has boomed since google killed gr.

  3. Hi!

    Just to drop another option to Google Reader. I’ve been using Newsblur for a couple of months and it’s quite good.

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