DIY Thaumatropes

Hello. I started making some snowflake thaumatropes back in December but it was just another one of those posts I never got around to finishing! Six months later and I finally finished some – yay! (Snowflake theme no longer appropriate!)

DIY Thaumatropes | Mini-eco (click to see them in action!)

My kids thought that the ‘cat’s whiskers’ design was really funny. I like the sparkly gem!

DIY Thaumatropes | Mini-eco (click to see them in action!)

The instructions are below…let me know how you get on. If you have a go at designing your own I would be really interested to see the results ^_^

DIY Thaumatropes | Mini-eco (click to see them in action!)

I have included an envelope template so that you can send them through the post – they make a nice alternative to a card I think!?

DIY Thaumatropes | Mini-eco (click to see them in action!)

Have a look here to see my favorite thaumatrope of all time. (Such a cool idea and I’m a bit jealous it wasn’t mine).

DIY Thaumatropes | Mini-eco (click to see them in action!)

- – – – – – – – -

DIY Thaumatropes | Mini-eco (click to see them in action!)

- – – – – – – – -

I recommend printing the card on good quality paper/card. Print the envelopes on standard paper. Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘best-photo’, ‘plain paper’ and ‘grayscale’.

Thaumatrope (PDF)
Envelope (PDF)


DIY thaumatropes - click through to see them in action


22 Comments Leave yours

  1. Great idea! Love your blog!

  2. Love this! Cute idea- and the cards looks great!
    Thanks for sharing xo

  3. Mimouna #

    Toujours de très bonnes idées! Bravo et merci

    • Kate #

      Hi Mimouna ^_^ hope you are well. Thanks for the kind comment once again ^_^

  4. Caramise #

    Hexagon and thaumatrope, that cant’ be better!
    Thank’s a lot, I will make them with my son and his friends tomorow at his birthday party!
    Caramise (from France)

    • Kate #

      Oooh happy birthday to your son. Hope you all have a brilliant day

      *Waves to France*


  5. jet #

    aaaw this is cute and adorable , love it. We made it as kiddo’s of an big old button.
    but this much more fun.
    thank you for the great tute and sharing and free templates.
    I will make one for my sis, this will be made her day;-D
    have a fun great happy crafting weekend as well;-D

    • Kate #

      Thanks Jet. Hope your sister likes it. Have a fun weekend too ^_^

  6. It looks so funny, definitely going to try :P

  7. Love the cat!

  8. pip #

    what a cute idea!! Just brilliant, thanks :-)

  9. That is so fabulous! Thanks for the adorable printables and the great idea!

  10. Mia #


    Thanks so much for this! I used it for a Sunday School class I teach. Changed the graphics to David, from David & Goliath.

  11. Thank you so much for the compliment and for visiting The Brooding Hen! I must admit, I have often felt the same way when visiting minieco.

  12. J’adore merci beaucoup pour toutes ces bonnes idées!

    • #bjh #

      J’adore merci beaucoup pour toutes bonnes ideas

  13. These are brilliant – thank you! Any chance you could do the snowflake one that you mention,
    Great website.

  14. #bjh #

    what the heck how do i get the bracelets what is this please help cute though

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