Quick craft for kids // Balloon hovercraft

We live not too far from a science centre and my boys l-o-v-e going there. Last time we went there was a ‘balloon hovercraft workshop’ which we all loved.

Kids craft: Make a balloon hovercraft!

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+ A smooth floor
+ A balloon
+ Some glue (strong enough to glue plastic. You can use plasticine as an alternative)
+ An old drink bottle lid (with a valve)
+ An old CD

Kids craft: Make a balloon hovercraft!

Kids craft: Make a balloon hovercraft!

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1. Apply glue to the base of the lid. Use plenty (remember you are trying to create an air tight seal).
2. Press the lid onto the CD. Allow to dry.
3. Blow up your balloon.
4. Make sure the valve on your lid is snapped down, then attach the balloon to the valve.
5. Put your hovercraft on a smooth floor, release the valve and gently push it around.

Kids craft: Make a balloon hovercraft!

By the way the font above is called ‘The Skinny‘ and is available to download for free!


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  1. Fun. fun. fun! I’ve never seen this activity before. It seems so easy to make and like you get a nice return on the work put into the project. Now I just have to find a CD… LOL :-) Thanks for the post.

    • Kate #

      Thanks for the kind words Rebecca ^_^

  2. pip #

    Great post! Think my nieces will love this :)

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for the font! I liked it :)

    • Kate #

      Yay…more fonts coming soon :)

  4. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  5. Masooma #

    Thankyou for such a wonderful idea for my science project

  6. Neha Mistry #

    Thanks ALOT!!! This really helped me with my science fair project and it was really fun to do! :)

  7. Luke #

    Awesome tutorial! It totally helped me on my science project

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