Easy DIY geometric beads

H ere is a 60 minute project for those of you who like woodwork but don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

diy geometric beads // minieco

All you need is some cube-shaped wooden beads, sand-paper, paint and a bit of cord to string them onto.

diy geometric beads // minieco

diy geometric beads // minieco

diy geometric beads // minieco

diy geometric beads // minieco

– – – – – – – – – –

+ Some cube shaped wooden beads
+ Sandpaper (fine and medium grade)
+ Acrylic paint
+ Paintbrush
+ Cord

– – – – – – –

1. Take your bead. Using a pencil mark the mid-way point on 3 adjoining edges. Join each of the points with a straight line as shown. I also drew a second triangle on the opposite corner of the bead.
2. Sand both corners down. I used a dremel drill but medium grade sandpaper will do the job just as well.
3. Sand all the faces with a fine grade sandpaper.
4. Paint both triangular faces in a pretty colour.
5. String onto some cord.

diy geometric beads // minieco

diy geometric beads // minieco

diy geometric beads // minieco

….if you do manage to find some more spare time you can make your own beads from a chunk of wood (Happy Friday BTW!)

diy geometric beads // minieco

diy geometric beads // minieco


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  1. pip #

    I just love these beads.. another great idea, thanks :)

  2. Adorable! I love your blog :-)

  3. This is brilliant, such a great idea! Such a perfect colour palette :).

  4. nina #

    fantastic have just made something similar in fimo will try with old wood block toys, that i realised might be too toxic to chew on ( for baby that is) will recycle them. cheers nina

  5. Jessica #

    Awesome! And I have a question, is the acrylic paint permanent enough so that it doesn’t need some kind of sealant coating? Thanks!

  6. Such a great DIY post! Looks easy enough- and looks great!

  7. I just discovered your blog. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Kate #

      Thanks Julia ^_^

  8. Lory #

    Hi there I don’t have the Dremmel sander so I used sandpaper and my edges came out rounded. Any advice on how to get the fixed?

  9. Ali #

    You probably remember me from the paper gems. I was wondering where you get your tape from!?

    Ali xxx

    • Kate #

      Hi Ali…it came from amazon ;-)

  10. Glenn #

    So easy, yet, so cool!

  11. Love these – especially the DIYfreeform version :)

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