facebook = hurray!

Yeah! I have finally set up a facebook page for minieco. I would love very much for you to come and ‘like’ my page. (I have ‘0’ friends at the moment so it’s a bit lonely over there!!)

On my facebook page I am going to share all my favorite crafts from around the web. I’ll also post about any new minieco crafts as they pop up. The best thing is that you can post content too!

I’m not entirely sure what I am doing(!) so there may be a few hiccups to begin with. The world of ‘social media’ is a scary, unfamiliar place at the moment! Ha!

10 thoughts to “facebook = hurray!”

  1. Well I would LOVE to be your Facebook friend!! I love your site and since my daughter began Kindergarten I haven’t been good about keeping up with my favorite sites — I just saw your feature on Ohdeedoh, so I thought I needed to pop over and say hi! I LOVE that you love ‘Mouk’, it’s one of our very favorite books, and I did a whole post on it over at my Children’s book site: http://www.juliasbookbag.com/2011/03/got-mouk.html

    Off to Facebook to ‘like’ you!!! 🙂 ~Melissa

  2. Thanks you lot. There are so many fab DIY projects out there I would love to blog about but can never make my mind up as to whether I should blog about it here or not!! Anyway I figure facebook and pinterest are a great place at the moment to be doing such things!

    Anyway see you there!

  3. I was waiting for it. I have subscribed to your RSS feed earlier just to discover some day that you’ve created a facebook page, and now it’s done !! 🙂

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