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Pacman Halloween garland

I vividly remember playing pacman when I was younger and I used to get the heebie-jeebies just before one of those little ghosts gobbled me up. Anyhow…I still think they are a bit spooky (in a friendly kind of way) so thought they would make an excellent Halloween garland.

Pacman Halloween garland

The shapes are pretty simple, so very easy to chop out. I’ve been making mine, feet up, in front of the telly. Can’t beat a bit of multitasking…haha!

Pacman Halloween garland

I’ve left my feet in this picture to give you an idea of how big the cut-outs are. If anyone wants a full tutorial then leave a comment. Full instructions after the jump!

Pacman Halloween garland

Want to play pacman? Check out the google version here…it’s a great time waster!


1) Download the template here! Print onto white paper and cut out. This is now your ‘master template’.

2) Lay your master template onto some black card and draw around it using a pencil.

3) Chop out (whilst watching guilt-free crappy telly).

4) For the eyes: I chopped up some scrap plastic but you can use clear acetate (I hang on to loads of stuff that would normally go in the recycling bin). Stick a strip onto the back of each ghost with a bit of tape. I then colored some circular stickers black and stuck them on top of the scrap plastic – you can easily chop out a circle of paper if you don’t have stickers.

If you want your garland to be seen from both sides simply chop another ghost out and stick on top with some double-sided tape. This will hide all the sticky tape!

5) To hang: Get a length of black thread and stick on to the back of your pac-men(!) using sticky tape…easy!

See picture below to understand construction. Sorry it’s not a very good picture!

Pacman Halloween garland

Wishing you all an ace weekend….my kids are in bed so we are just about to crack open the wine….hurrah! x

Pacman Halloween garland

48 thoughts on “Pacman Halloween garland

  1. Hi!

    I think these are adorable and, just getting into the world of crafting, would love the full tutorial, if possible.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for all the comments…you guys are the best…I’ve updated this post and added a tutorial. Any more questions then please do ask.

    Hope you all have ace weekend x

  3. I love this garland – I am a garland-addict, i don’t have enough wall in my house to hang all of them. Yours is so cute, and funny too. Thank you for the template.

  4. As usual you delight and amaze me with your creative ideas. This is a blast from the past with a modern twist (aren’t garlands just so *now*). Please link this to the Weekend Rewind over at my blog. I’d love people from my neck of the woods to find you! x

  5. Thanks for all the very lovely and thoughtful comments. I actually thought of doing this about 10 months ago so finally nice to get it out there!! I’m in the (very slow) process of moving my boys into the biggest bedroom in the house, gotta decorate it yet…so will probably take ages….anyway they like the garland so it’s earmarked for their room!

    Hope you are all having a fun weekend x

  6. these are soooo fab thanks for sharing. I think i’ll cheat snd use those wee hole renforcer thingies…..then again might have to down size whole template…. What the ell ive bound to have scrap plastic . Cheers again.

  7. oooh…go for the see through eyes jan…not much more effort and they look ace I promise. Being ghosts you have to be able to see through them a little bit!

  8. Hi Grit….love the garland. Love the eyes…very cool! It’s always really nice to know that people have made the craft so thanks a heap for sending me the link 🙂

  9. Hi Tasha, just been reading your blog. Used to live nr Fremantle. Now in Sunny UK(!). Blimey I miss Australia!

  10. Hi! I love this blog. I’ve spent the past hour just browsing and saving all your sweet PDF’s. I also love the pacman theme! My boys love the game, so I will make this garland in a heartbeat. I guess I don’t understand why on your pdf the eyes are separated?? Umm, In my opinion, it would just be super simple to print these out on white paper?? Instead of cutting out the template from black paper. It’s just me though….I guess it would use up a lot of ink but if you have the right settings on there, you don’t have to. Or maybe just print out an outline on colored paper and use white & black circles to put eyeballs on there. Stick ’em with glue. I guess I’m just thinking of easier ways than to do the method you’re using. Love it, and can’t wait to link back to show you the one I would like to make with my boys!
    Again, thanks for your lovely blog–it’s eye candy!

  11. Hi Lynet. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I guess it would be easier just to print them out but I like the fact the card is black on both sides and I really, really like the see-through eyes. Makes them a little more ghostly!

    Looking fwd to seeing your photo’s.

    Kate x

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