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Book // How many jellybeans?

Hello there! Well the holidays are over and my kids have gone back to school so normal service(!) is about to resume on minieco.

I thought I would kick things off with a book recommendation. It’s a brilliant book for children and is called How Many Jelly Beans? It’s written by Andrea Menotti and illustrated beautifully by Yancey Labat.

Book // How many jellybeans? A Giant Book of Giant Numbers

In spite of my best efforts ^_^ my sons are turning out to be much more interested in maths and science than anything creative so it’s great to find a fun book all about HUGE numbers.

The characters in the book are called Aiden and Emma. During the book they have a chat about jelly beans and are trying to decide how many jelly beans are enough! As you can imagine their conversation soon starts to turn to some really big numbers.

Book // How many jellybeans? A Giant Book of Giant Numbers

On the last page are a million jellybeans to look at which made my sons and I squeal with delight when we saw them. I’m not going to spoil the surprise and tell you how it’s done but it’s well worth a look.

Book // How many jellybeans? A Giant Book of Giant Numbers
(Yes – there really are 10,000 jelly beans on this page!)

If you fancy getting hold of a copy try, or

6 thoughts on “Book // How many jellybeans?

  1. Thanks Ursula…yep Minieco posts are like buses…none for ages then 3 come along all at once. Hope you are enjoying your peace now the kids are back at school. K x

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