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Crafty envy #3

Hello folks! It seems I have been taking a little blog-break of late (do any of you fellow bloggers ever feel the need?). I thought I would break the silence with a little round-up of all my favorite colourful crafts that I have seen on the web of late.

Colourful, easy DIY art from Little Helsinki.

Lovely geometric giftboxes from ruffledblog

Amazing DIY decorations by Alexey Danilin (I know they are hanging on a christmas tree but they would look great all year round!)

Judy from cute and useful wrote to me to show me her version of my string tied envelopes. They are super-cute and you will find the free, printable papers on her site.

Hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the arrival of spring. The kids and I are loving it and have been trying to beat the garden into submission! (I really don’t have green fingers so I always find it a bit of a challenge). My boys have been making friends with the worms and have been having lots of (muddy) fun.

My book popped through the door last week so I’ll pop some pictures up next week…I will also be back on Monday with a new craft. Oh, and I’ve been putting together ideabooks for houzz in the last few months. Much fun…check out my top picks here.

Until then, have fun!

11 thoughts on “Crafty envy #3

  1. Hi Kate!

    Thanks for posting the picture! I’m having a big day at cute and useful.

    Love those geometric gift boxes. I can just imagine the perfect shape and weight of holding one in my hand. Really great find.

    All the best!

  2. Thanks Pouch…nice to see a fellow British blogger around here! We are few and far between I think!

  3. Hi Minieco

    I love all the crafts you do, and the clean, colourful style of your pics.

    Great stuff!

    Lizzie at New Good Studio

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