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Cut + fold paper stars

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I love these stars. I wanted to do a cut-and-fold version of origami lucky stars. You can make them in different sizes and you can hang them on yours Christmas tree or make a garland from them. I also saw some similar stars being used as gift boxes.

Paper stars // MiniEco

Paper stars // MiniEco

Paper stars // MiniEco

They look great alongside all the other paper decorations I’ve been making lately.

Paper stars // MiniEco

If you fancy having a go you will find the templates and instructions at the foot of the post as usual.

Paper stars // MiniEco

I hope all your Christmas plans are coming along well. I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas (I start to panic when I think of all the things that need to be done in the next week).

Paper stars // MiniEco

Paper stars // MiniEco

Paper stars // MiniEco

– – – – – – – – – –
+ Good quality A4 paper (in whatever colours you fancy)
+ Scissors
+ Ruler
+ Loctite All Purpose Adhesive 20ml
+ Thread
+ Sticky tape

Paper stars // MiniEco

– – – – – – –

1. Print out the templates (see section below). There is a large medium and small version. (Make sure you set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘text and image’). Cut around the outside of the template using a pair of scissors.

2. If you want to incorporate your stars into a string of LED lights then you will need to punch a hole in the star at this stage. If you want to hang them on your tree then attach a loop of cotton instead. If you just want to thread your stars onto some string then you can do that after making the stars so skip this stage entirely!

3. Now, score along all the lines using a ruler and pointy object (such as compass or needle).

4 & 5. Fold along each of the lines you have just scored.

6. Apply a small amount of Loctite All Purpose Adhesive to on of the tabs and stick together.

Handy hint: You can also use Loctite Power Easy as an alternative to the All Purpose glue. It is a Super Glue, so works quicker and is stronger but doesn’t stick for around 30 seconds, which gives you some time for re-positioning. It is also a gel formula, so won’t soak through your paper.

7. Continue for the remaining three tabs.

8. Job done – Yay!

– – – – – – – – – –

Small paper star (measures approximately 4.5cm in diameter)
Medium paper star (measures approximately 6.5cm in diameter)
Large paper star (measures approximately 8.5cm in diameter)

30 thoughts on “Cut + fold paper stars

  1. thank you so much! I love paper crafty stuff, and you are sharing some of the best projects out there!

  2. Kate, a great big Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!
    And, Thank You so much for all of the generous and inspirational shares you offer us here ;D
    Gorgeous! Thank you again!

  3. Wow I love these stars! I was wondering where you buy your paper and what brand(s) you prefer?

  4. These are great!! I was wondering if you could make a video tutorial so it is easier to follow?

  5. Nice idea … but the printing has absolutely does not work, the lines are on colored paper hardly to not be seen. I have tested on white paper, similar result. Text was printed correctly 🙁

  6. hi kate! i just stumbled across your site while searching for things to do with a bunch of origami paper i had lying around, and boy am i impressed! your work is AMAZING. thank you so much for sharing the tutorials and templates!

  7. Hi, I was hoping you could give me your opinion. I’d like to use these stars for a ‘twinkle little star’ party, what type of runner would you suggest to go with it?

  8. These are super cute! I was wondering: have you made any templates for the paper jewels (3D) that some of the pictures show? If yes, are they available for download anywhere? I’d love to try making them! Thank you for posting the tutorial–I have to look at more if your site!

  9. This is really cute . Can I ask you , what brand of paper did you used , if there a picture of it at any web , can you show me ? Did you buy the paper at shop or internet ?

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