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Distractions: a pineapple wigglegram

pineapple wigglegramI‘ve had a week of crafty disasters so I gave up and made a pineapple wigglegram instead!

Wigglegrams (also known as ‘stereoscopic images’ or ‘wigglegifs’) are just fancy animated gifs. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages and as it turns out they are pretty easy to make – all you really need is a camera and something to photograph. I chose a pineapple!

A wigglegram is made from several photographs of the same object, all taken from a slightly different angles. When you view the photographs in quick succession you sense the illusion of depth.

If you fancy having a go then there are a few pointers below.

Happy Friday (nearly!).

1. When you take your photographs, the object needs to remain still and you need to move the camera around your object in an arc like fashion! I made a makeshift camera dolly from some of my sons train track and balanced my camera on a carriage to help me move it around in a smooth motion! I admit, it’s an odd approach but it worked pretty well. When you take your photographs it’s handy to focus on one point and try and keep the same centre point in every picture.

2. Once you have your images (I took six) you can put your wigglegram together in photoshop or you can use Gifpal which is a free online tool for making animated gifs.

My approach to making wigglegrams is definitely the lo-fi approach but I think it worked out pretty well. If anyone needs any more advice then leave a comment and I will get back to you.

There is a good tutorial here which shows you how to make a wigglegif from a movie.

If you are in need of inspiration then take a look at some jaw-dropping wigglegram examples here and here.

6 thoughts on “Distractions: a pineapple wigglegram

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve seen some really fun and inspiring gifs and I haven’t been able to recreate. This helps!!

  2. Thanks Sam…glad it’s useful. I was pretty chuffed to find it’s possible to make one on a shoestring budget!

  3. Wow! that’s amazing! Thanks for posting this 😀 It’s very useful. I am just wondering how I’ll be able to get the photographs. But I guess I’ll figure that out… Thanks again for posting this!

    PS: Your blog is amazing! I made the paper diamonds and my friends were amazed and wanted to know about your blog!

  4. awesome, thank you for the diy and the links. I have made buttons for on my webside that way.
    but never thought off making wigglegrams.

  5. Sometimes, Takes a neutral turns! After a week of crafty mishaps, I manage for a fun pineapple wigglegram project and we want to introduce to Geedup Varsity Jacket because it is unique and its look so good i recommend you to try this.

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