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Feed the birds…….

Well the weather outside is frightful…so we decided to made some munchies for our feathered friends!

We got this birdcake recipe from the RSPB website. Check it out. I love their ‘make and do’ section. Can I just underline the fact that it’s better not to melt the lard – if you do it leaks through the hole in the yoghurt pot and runs everywhere – I speak from (a very messy) experience!

I also made some strings of popcorn and sunflower seeds to hang in our bushes. Birds love popcorn apparently (not microwave popcorn though because that has too much salt and butter etc).

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6 thoughts on “Feed the birds…….

  1. Hi Ariana, nice of you to pop by. The inspiration it two way! 🙂

    Hope Lola enjoys the view Peaches…

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  4. Can you email how to do it without melting the lard? I’m not sure how to go about it.


  5. Hi Sandi,

    Just let the lard soften (leave it out to reach room temperature) then mash all the ingredients together. Hope that helps!

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