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Hama bead weaving…in progress!

Bleughhh! My computer ‘died’ at the weekend and my hubby and have have been trying to fix it since then so that’s why things have been a bit slow around here! Thankfully my sister came to the rescue and lent me her laptop today so I could write one last post to wish you all a happy holidays!

Hama bead weaving

In amongst it all I have managed to find five minutes here-and-there to try out some hama bead weaving. I’m going to work on a few projects over Christmas and will put some tutorials on my site in the new year. I am very inspired by these hama bead baskets at finelittleday and am determined to figure out how to make one!!

Hama bead weaving

Hope you all have an ace holiday and enjoy hanging out with your families and friends. We are off to Scotland for christmas so getting very excited about that!

Hama bead weaving

Cheerio for now

10 thoughts on “Hama bead weaving…in progress!

  1. Brilliant! I will be making these with my daughter soon! Thanks for a great idea, I have a massive tub of these lying around…….

  2. I’m wishing I had a tub of leftover Hama beads lying around to try this with! Visiting my parents post-Christmas – will have to raid the old toy cupboard and see if there are any lingering from 15 years ago, or whenever I last played with them!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments…I’ve become a bit addicted to this and hope to get a tutorial up next week or so!!

  4. Kate–these are brilliant. We just bought some perler beads for the first time and were busy making little animal shapes but I love this so much more…so pretty. Thanks for sharing. You never fail to inspire me.

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