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Lego // 8-bit ghosts, eyes & skulls!

Ilove an excuse to play with lego. Don’t you agree?! The kids and I have been having fun making some Halloween decorations over the last week or so.

Lego | 8-bit skull

Lego | 8-bit eyes

If you like the lego eyes then check out the best manicure in the world. (Source: Designlovefest)

Lego // 8-bit ghosts, eyes & skulls!

You can make decorations that stand up (like the ghosts below) or you can put them on a baseboard (like those above).

You could even make a custom made lego shelf for displaying your creations!

Lego | 8-bit ghosts

Lego | 8-bit ghosts

5 thoughts on “Lego // 8-bit ghosts, eyes & skulls!

  1. LOL i understand your fun with the playing with lego. I still love this building material. Like your idea, really awesome and cool!!!

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