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Meet Lullatone

Blimey….it’s been one of those weeks and I’ve not managed to get a regular post up so I thought it would be cool to do something a bit different.


I don’t usually give recommendations, but I really wanted to give Lullatone a big shout out. Remember my bongo/guiro/shaker instrument? Well, it was inspired by their ace balloon bongo video that I found on flickr.

Lullatone (Yoshimi and Shawn) are an art, music and good ideas group from Nagoya, Japan. Shawn appears on Central Japanese TV every Saturday morning and teaches children how to build instruments from materials around the house. They’ve just finished season 3 of their show and have made 156 instruments in all. Shawn tells me he’s gonna catalog them on their site in the next few months…I, for one, can’t wait to see. Here is a taster.


Check out their new album, Elevator Music, which is free to download. It’s dead chirpy and funny and should be on the playlist in every supermarket, waiting room and elevator the world over. My kids and I had a good old boogie in the kitchen to it last week. My eldest son even put his dancing skirt on – high praise indeed!


I’ve also been listening to their other album ‘Little Songs About Raindrops‘ which is just enchanting….especially ‘Wake Up Wake Up’…I just adore it….what do you reckon? BTW my kids particularly like My Portable Melody.

By the way….minieco celebrated its first birthday last week. Pretty cool huh! I totally forgot!

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