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6 thoughts on “Our pet snail

  1. I am going to admit it we have pet snails just like that one. Going on our third year, they live in a large terrarium, with lots of plants. They are so much fun to watch I mist them nightly, and give them fresh vegetables every night. It’s amazing how much fun they are to watch and yes play with!

  2. Love it Lisa! We had a genuinely great time with Mr.Snail and the boys seemed thrilled. Would love to know what veggies you feed yours. We didn’t know what to feed ours so just gave him some leaves!

  3. Our snails eat different kinds of lettuce, celery, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, watermelon and one use to love avocado that you could really see the bite marks being eat! Our first snail started with a walk in the spring and finding this beautiful dirt crammed shell, taking it home rinsing it off and placing on the mantle…only to go back to admire the shell to find it stuck as in suctioned onto! I change up the plants, add new branches and dirt. I think they- they as in we have quiet a few as they do multiply because I have added many snails friends – are pretty happy being catered to, and I find it amusing to hear my 4 and 6 yr olds tell people we have pet snails!

  4. My 3 and I have a Snail also. We have had Gary, after Spongebob’s snail), for 5 years now. He loves carrots and cuttle-bone. His little terrarium has a small swimming puddle and a mountain to climb. We take him to outings and hold educational presentations on the diversity of snails each summer at our local library. My daughter now has her own snail, Charlotte. Charlotte and Gary set in the kitchen window in separate homes. As long as Gary stays a bachelor we will only have one snail. Snails are hermaphrodites, in other words, both snails would get pregnant. I am so glad we are not the only family to claim snails as a pet. Have fun with your snails Lisa

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