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Popup pixel valentines card 2013 (*new & improved*)

Hello! Here is the ‘new & improved’ valentine popup template as promised. As you can see there are only a few minor changes. Most importantly it now pops up the other way so it can be stood on a mantelpiece or windowsill. There is also an added ‘chink’.

Popup pixel valentines card 2013

Templates (+ cutting/scoring guide) are at the foot of the post. Refer to the old post for instructions but make sure you use the new cutting/scoring guide and templates below. As usual, if there are any problems please leave a comment.

Popup pixel valentines card 2013

– – – – – – – – – – – –
+ Use good quality paper or card for the insert. I would say no heavier than 160gsm for best results.
+ Use the point of a needle (and a ruler) to score. That way you get really crisp folds.
+ Take your time and cut/score as precisely as you can.
+ Once you have scored and cut all the lines flip the piece of paper over before popping the heart out…this means the printed lines will be hidden from view.
+ Do make a test card because the second attempt is always better (there are two inserts on the pdf ^_^).

Popup pixel valentines card 2013

Good luck!
(Boxed geometric heart to come next week…)

Popup pixel valentines card 2013

– – – – – – –
+ Cutting scoring plan

Templates for light paper:

+ Heart insert and outer card
+ Envelope

Templates for dark paper

+ Heart insert and outer card
+ Envelope

39 thoughts on “Popup pixel valentines card 2013 (*new & improved*)

  1. Hi!

    What a cute card, THANK YOU 🙂 I tried it out immidiatly. (Not for vaentines day because that is not really a thing in Austria 😉 ) It was really easy peasy but i was confused because the score plan at the bottom of the heart was at one side blue and at the other black 😉 but i figured it out when it was time to fold it 😀

  2. Thanks for spotting that Lisa…I’ve corrected it and uploaded new version!

    Glad you had success – hurray!

  3. Witam!. Serduszko wspaniałe choć dość trudne. Jestem wolontariuszką w szpitalu dziecięcym i w przyszłym tygodniu spróbujemy zrobić takie kartki. Jeśli nam sie uda napiszę. Pozdrawiam. Joanna

  4. hi i am not sure how to score. do i press on the inside? or the back ?? and also i end up with alot of creases…. but your picture doesnt? please help :((((( my heart does not pop out. i used a card-making paper so it is sturdy enough!

  5. I absolutely love your site! I’m so glad I found it by accident while researching a topic for school. I will soon be your biggest fan! Can’t wait to make all of these!

  6. Lovely card, thank you for posting it. I found the scoring plan a bit off though – the lines to cut along on the top half of the heart aren’t long enough so I extended my cuts to the ends of the line.

  7. Love the card! I was just wondering if there’s a way to put the card in the envelope without creasing the heart.

  8. Love your work, thanks a million for sharing !
    ’Had good fun ”making” this card for my wife.
    Cheers from Montréal !

  9. I loved this project so much! And I love all your paper engineering projects! Thanks you for sharing it so openly with us, just brilliant. Do you mind if I post the card I made using your tutorial on my own blog? Linking to you, of course.

    BTW, I found that the vertical cutting lines in the top half of the heart do not extend far enough, and I couldn’t get my card to pop out until I’d extended each cut down to meet the horizontal scoring line of previous vertical bar (maybe you know what I mean?) This might explain why some of your other readers are having trouble with the card? It’s easy enough to figure out, though.

    Thanks again! XX Nat

  10. Hi! Thank you for sharing this simple yet amazing tutorial.
    I was wondering how i would go about cutting it out? I can’t seem to do it without ruining the card.

  11. Hi Stella,

    How are you scoring your paper? Are you scoring it enough? And are you being really accurate with the cutting & scoring?

    It’s a case of slowly manipulating the heart so that it moves upwards…it’s not always super easy….and doing it gently and slowly helps.

    Make sure you crease the centre line first….
    Then hold the card, by the side of the heart, with one thumb and finger….and hold the centre of the heart with another thumb and finger and gently pull the heart up…

    In the popup Christmas cards I found sticking a wooden skewer behind the tree useful…take a look at the how-to on that page it may help (

    Also, what weight paper/card are you using. Paper of thin card usually works best.

    Let me know how you get on…

  12. It’ll be MUCH easier if you had peak and valley score lines. Valley lines even if one needs to score it blind on the face side of pop up will make it easier to top

  13. I just wanted to let you know that the scoring on the top of the heart is not correct. When I printed the scoring guide, it showed that the cuts don’t go all the way down the sides, on the top, but it won’t pop up if you don’t slice them all the way. =)

    My son is taking these Valentine’s cards to his class party, tomorrow, and he thought they were ADORABLE!

  14. Thanks Julie…

    So sorry Julie and others with regard to the mistake in the cutting/scoring guide…..all fixed now. (I mis-understood the previous comment).


  15. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I used your Vday card ideas all the way over here in Japan! I am from the US but I am currently living here and teaching English. I run an English Club and we made Valentines at our Valentine’s Day party. I used many of your design ideas and the kids loved them, especially this one! I mentioned it and linked to your site on my blog, you can see it here:
    (the card is at the very bottom of the post)
    Thanks so much for helping make my VDay party a success!

  16. Hi Heidi,

    Glad to see the template made it all the way to Japan. The card looked amazing (and the turkey cupcakes made me smile).

    Kate ^_^

  17. Nice tutorial..i was looking for something personalized gift that i can give to my girlfriend… and I found this tutorial…A big help… A big thank you from the boy living in the Philippines… ^_^

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  20. i saw this via buzz feed and wanted to do it but when i printed them, the templates seemed a bit too small, could you send me via email a full page size template plz, i would really apreciate it thx

  21. How do I score? I do not have that tool you show either. I tried and I messed up on the first cut!!!

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