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Shadow puppets

We’ve been making shadow puppets! My sons have always loved playing with torches in our downstairs cupboard so the shadow puppets have had a lot of use.

Shadow puppets

Me eldest son has also become interested in putting on ‘plays’ for us lately….he’s getting into that whole storytelling thing…(very funny + cute)!

Shadow puppets

Templates are here to download (there are a few extra ones on the template that aren’t pictured including a pacman inspired ghost).

You can print them out onto thin black card (and you should should be still able to see the outlines). You will need little split pins for the robot and sticks to attach them to.

Holly from chezbeeperbebe also put together some wonderful shadow puppet templates this year so check those out too!

Hope you all have a great Halloween! We are off to buy a pumpkin today so if anyone knows of any good designs please shout out!! I have only ever carved one pumpkin in my life so it’s new-ish territory for me!

10 thoughts on “Shadow puppets

  1. I’m hoping that a torch is what Americans call a flash light. Otherwise, I don’t know how your children keep from burning the house down. In the states a torch is usually a big, long stick with fire at the end.
    As long as you all are safe I will merely thank you for the fun shadow puppet templates. I know that they will be enjoyed by many.

  2. HI Kate,

    I’m including a link to HGTV’s pumpkin carving templates. They have some neutral, funny, and scary ones, and are for beginners. Have fun!

    I got here through a link in my email since I get their newsletter. So if the link doesn’t work, just try it without the stuff after “/index. Worse comes to worse, just go to the website and search.

  3. Thanks Pete. The t-shirt makes up for the bad hair-do! He’s decided to grow it long now and i don’t blame him!

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