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Tea-light luminaries

Hooray!! I finally managed to get a post up!! It’s been such a busy few weeks with one thing or another so sorry about the downtime!

Last week I dragged my husband round IKEA. He absolutely hates it there…for him it’s like pulling teeth. My boys also seem to mutate the moment we walk through the door and seem to think it’s OK to climb up everything they clap eyes on (and I spend most of the time nagging them and moaning at my hubby for being so grumpy)….you know the story! Anyway, somewhere among the chaos I forgot to get some tealight holders, which I’ve been meaning to get for ages…as we have a thousand tealights and nothing to put them in.

So, I made some.

Tea-light luminaries

They are really simple and consist of cut-paper stuck to a baby food jar with a bit of tape. Easy! I also think you could scale them up and make a lampshade…another project for another day maybe.

Tea-light luminaries

Click on the link below for a how-to. I’ve also included some printable templates if you fancy making some.

Finally, sorry if I’ve not replied to emails or responded to comments much over the last few weeks…do feel free to email me and tell me off. I will try to do better from here on in…!!

Tea-light luminaries

1) Print templates onto A4 coloured paper of your choice. Each sheet of A4 paper will make three tea-light luminaries. Using a sharp knife cut along all the zig-zag lines. I did this free hand but you can use a ruler if you prefer.

Tea-light luminaries

2) You need a glass sleeve to pop the candle in…otherwise the paper will catch fire! I used a heinz baby food jar. Give it a good wash and scrub the glue (from the label) from the outside of the pot. I then cut a piece of tracing paper and wrapped it around the outside of the jar. This is optional…it will just help to diffuse the light.

Tea-light luminaries

3) Pop a piece of double sided tape at one end of your zig-zaggy paper and carefully stick it to the other end.

Tea-light luminaries

4) Slip paper cover over your jar

Tea-light luminaries

5) Pop a lit candle inside the jar….job done!

Tea-light luminaries

A4 template…for light-coloured paper
A4 template…for dark-coloured paper

10 thoughts on “Tea-light luminaries

  1. Your trips to Ikea sound very familiar! Our kids go crazy, but somehow I keep going back! Next time I might organise babysitting! Lovely to see you back again.

  2. I didn’t believe this until I tried it…but it really does work…thank you…no more burnt fingers!!

  3. Buen Trabajo El Tutto Esto Padre!! Y El Adornito Muy Chulo!! Ya Tengo Un Detalle Para La Suegra! 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I loved your work from the moment I first saw it. I would like to know which paper is used in these tealights? The paper quality seems to be really fine and the colors are just so right!. Please help me with this.

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