Beci Orpin // Crafty Envy #9

I can’t actually believe I haven’t written a post about Beci Orpin before. I saw her work in an Australian magazine about 7 years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Paper cactus // Home ©2012 Hardie Grant Books
[Paper cactus // Home ©2013 Hardie Grant Books]

Here are a few examples of her work but there’s heaps more to see. Check out Beci’s website and blog for more details. She has also written two craft books lately (Home and Find & Keep) both of which I can thoroughly recommend.

Giant confetti walls // Find & Keep ©2012 Hardie Grant Book
[Giant confetti walls // Find & Keep ©2012 Hardie Grant Book]

BTW I am in love with the ice-cream plant pot in the photo above. Does anyone know where to buy them?

Wooden block family by Beci Orpin // Find & Keep ©2012 Hardie Grant Books
[Wooden block family // Find & Keep ©2012 Hardie Grant Books]

Beci Orpin
[Beci Orpin]

Happy Sunday
Kate ^_^

14 thoughts to “Beci Orpin // Crafty Envy #9”

  1. Love all the inspiration you post! I think the planter is actually the bottom half of an ice cream cone bank, i found some for sale on amazon and other sites. It makes a great planter!

  2. When I click on your monster children magazine I don’t see anything about Beci Orpin. However, I see a couple of photos of bare-breasted women. This doesn’t seem to fit the wholesomeness for your website. Is there an incorrect link?

    1. Hi Mike. Sorry about that *^_^* I’ve removed the link. The magazine is usually a surf/lifestyle magazine…which happens to showcase some great designers/illustrators. Kate ^_^

  3. THANKS KATE! I am a big fan of your beauitful things too! Oh and ice cream planter was the base of a lamp – my friend had a shop and she was shipped some without tops and gave one of the bases to me. I always get asked about it though – i’m going to try and make some.

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