Minecraft designs for HAMA beads

Hello there. It’s half term here and I have been trying to find things for my two boys to do. They are minecraft mad at the moment.

Minecraft designs for HAMA beads // printable PDF

My boys do very little crafting nowadays (they are more interested in science related things and wrestling!). However, they have spent ages this week making minecraft keyrings with HAMA beads.

Minecraft designs for HAMA beads // printable PDF

I couldn’t see many minecraft design sheets on the internet so I’ve put a few together (pdf’s at the foot of the post). You simply print them out and then get crafting.

Minecraft designs for HAMA beads // printable PDF

If you don’t have any HAMA beads in the house then you can do some papercrafting instead and have a go at making some paper mosaics.

If you go down the paper mosaic route then you will need to cut out lots of paper squares that measure 1cm x 1cm. Then all you do is stick them onto a grid (grid available at foot of post!).

Sorry there are no photos of our finished products. Time is too short this week (grrr!).

Minecraft – Characters
Minecraft – Stone tools
Minecraft – Diamond tools
Minecraft – Miscellaneous

Let me know if you have any problems.

Kate ^_^



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  1. Hi!!
    I’m not a minecraft entusiast… BUT, I do have a Sonic, the hedgehog ‘minecraft’ HAMA beads!!
    Maybe you could share some with other characters… Super Mario, for example!
    Great idea! :-)

    • Kate #

      It’s on the list ^_^

  2. This is great. My two boys eat, breath and dream minecraft. They will love these, thank you.

  3. Maybe I can get my kids to stop playing Minecraft for a few hours, even if it means they will be doing other Minecraft related things. As Eeyore once said, “Oh, Bother…”

    • Kate #

      That’s what I thought Renee. It worked a treat!

  4. Amy #

    These were great! My six year old spent his whole afternoon not nagging me about screentime but nagging me to iron the different bead shapes! Thanks!

  5. These were great! My six year old spent his whole afternoon not nagging me about screentime but nagging me to iron the different bead shapes! Thanks! – See more at: http://www.minieco.co.uk/minecraft-design-sheets-hama-beads-paper-mosaic/#sthash.pNEl14jX.dpuf

  6. Kathy #

    Thank you thank you thank you. We’re preparing for my grandson’s 7th birthday party and these will great to use.
    Thanks again

  7. Michelle #

    My son was so excited to find these! Thanks for posting!

  8. Katie #

    I am organising a beaver sleepover with a minecraft theme and i think these will be perfect for our craft activity. We are going to do mosaics. Thanks. So much

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these! I’m having a Minecraft birthday party for my son this weekend and we decided to do perler beads, but I was having a hard time finding printable patterns that actually printed the right size. These are great!

  10. Thanks for the printable PDFs! I’m about to print them out to give them a trial run before taking this to youth club. I know many of the kids there are into Minecraft (as are some of the other leaders) so I think they’ll like this activity. Do you know where I can find more printable designs? eg other characters or other things pre-teens might be interested in?

  11. Liliane #

    Hi Kate. Thank you so much for sharing. My son is turning 9 and we are surprising him with a minecraft party theme. As you mentioned, older boys seem to craft less. I saw images of “necklaces” with the axe etc and thought these would be cool enough to get the kids creating. My only concern: never heard of these beads and never used them. Help!!!! What tools do I need for 10 boys? I’m in ottawa Canada so figure I can find most stuff at a dollar store? Do u need special iron paper or is wax paper ok to use? Do you have a tutorial for DUMMIES???
    Any help is appreciated. The party is in early July.

  12. Adrianne Compton #

    I made a pattern for the diamond Armor and weapons for Cross stitch!! LOL Uploaded to Pintrest! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/206180489165667432/ hope the link works. looks like you can use to for HAMA Beads :)

  13. Brenda #

    Great minecraft patterns – thanks for sharing!!!!! My daughter will love these! We’re thinking about making them as cupcake toppers for her birthday.

  14. Becka Herkert #

    Thank you so much!! Snow day here and we will be crafting instead of screen timing :) Much appreciated :D

  15. Dana #

    This is WONDERFUL-my daughter is having a minecraft bday and they will be making these. THANK YOU!!

  16. Kim #

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. My 8 year old daughter was trying to make minecraft figures from hama beads herself and we getting frustrated. I found your sheet and it’s perfect. She is delighted and has already made 6 figures that she’s so proud of. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  17. Samantha #

    Brilliant! Thank you – the perfect answer to one young man’s anguish – “I want to do some Art but I can’t stop thinking about Minecraft”!

  18. Vanessa #

    Thank you so much! I am planning the birthday of my favorite 10 year old and these will be the perfect treat for in the gift bags! If they weather doesn’t play along, I may just make it a birthday activity!

    Thanks so very much for sharing!

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