Crafty envy #5 (& a few other things)

Sorry about the tumbleweeds that have been blowing through this blog lately! We’ve been holidaying ^_^

It’s been lovely to escape this rainy country in search of a bit of sunshine. (I am lucky enough to have a set of parents who live in Southern France and a set who live in Northern Spain so we have been visiting them).

I’ll be back with another craft tutorial and the questionnaire results early next week. Here are a few distractions until then.

Hope you are all well and happy.

I saw this donkey Piñata yesterday and fell in love with it. In order to access the goodies I would have to cut a small, discreet hole in it – I couldn’t bear to batter it with a stick!

I love these pompoms by studio meez…it’s a great blog so do pop over and have a look.

These photos of Dyamond the dog by Hana Pesut made my day. I don’t usually go for animals in dress-up but he is very cute. Make sure you pop over to Hana’s website too. Her switcheroo series is great fun.



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  1. Wow, France and Spain! Lucky you! I’m glad you are back!

    • Kate #

      Thanks Angeles…we are lucky…the alternative was camping in the rain! ^_^

  2. mimouna #

    Une petite escapade ça fait toujours du bien.Peut être que nous étions pas loin , nous passons nos vacances dans le Larzac dans un petit village qui s’appellle Sauclières pas loin de la ville de Millau.

    J’adore ce que vous faites et merci pour le partage.

    • Kate #

      Hi Mimouna,

      We weren’t too far from you at all. My mum lives near a small town called Fleurance (Near Auch). We drove from there to the Picos de Europa in Spain which is incredibly beautiful.

      It was a great holiday and I would have been happier to stay a lot longer!


  3. Poor little donkey, he looks waaaay too sad, please don’t hit him!!!

  4. I agree I don’t think I could bring myself to hit him too! Hope you’ve had a great holiday : )

    • Kate #

      Thanks Little Wren :)

  5. I would give an arm and a leg to have family in France and Spain!!! I would never be home ;) Hope you had such an incredible time with family and friends!

  6. That’s the most sophisticated dressed up dog I’ve ever seen!

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