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Eco friendly bubble solution

Eco friendly bubble solutionThere’s something magical about bubbles (and kids love them) so why not make your own bubble solution and wand. You will need:

♥ ½ cup eco friendly washing up liquid
♥ 1 cup water
♥ 2 tbsp glycerine (optional, from chemists)

Combine the ingredients and allow to settle. Here’s the rub – for some reason bubble solution seems to get better with age, so plan ahead, and leave your solution to stand overnight in an open container.

FYI glycerine helps to thicken the bubble wall – that way it lasts longer.

You can then make your own bubble wands out of recycled items like:

♥ The plastic circles from the tops of milk/juice bottles with a straw handle attached (pictured)
♥ Butter or yogurt tub tops with holes punched in them
♥ That fly swatter you never use
♥ Pipe cleaners

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