10 copies of my book to giveaway courtesy of Enviroco

Yay…I have 10 copies of my book to give away courtesy of waste management company Enviroco, they help dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly way ^_^ (good on them!).

Eco-friendly crafting with kids. Copyright © Ryland Peters & Small Ltd

If you wish to enter the giveaway just leave a comment below…it really is that easy!

This giveaway is open to everyone, but remember, only one entry per person. Entries close 10pm 22nd May (GMT). Good luck everyone!

A huge thanks to Enviroco for sponsoring such a generous giveaway.

Thank you so much for all the entries (and all the wonderful comments)! This giveaway is now closed…I’ll announce the winners tomorrow!



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  1. ana #

    Cool! I’m going to give it a try :)
    thanks Enviroco!

  2. marion #

    Thank you for the Chance..

  3. Tracey #

    I have a copy from my local library but I have to give it back soon. I’d love a copy of my own to keep :-)

  4. Rachel #

    I’ve been following your blog all year and love the ideas you share! I’m really hoping to win a copy of your book – looks fantastic. Thanks!!

  5. Katie #

    Hi there!! Would love to win your book! I adore your blog! Cheers

  6. Oh i would love to win this giveaway! I think your website is great and i have been meaning to check your book out of the library!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Rose Adams #

    I love all your craft ideas :-)

  8. christy #

    Hi, I would love a copy of your book the blog is so beautifully laid out & I can’t wait to start sharing your activities with my own toddlers!

  9. jade #

    How exciting more ideas to try out – would love a copy

  10. Love your blog! Great ideas for crafting with children. A massive fan from Portugal

  11. I have to try. Love your ideas! :)

  12. Amparo #

    I love crafting and if it’s eco-friendly even more. Your posts bring so much joy to my life! Thanks to you and Enviroco.

  13. My three years old son would love to make all this awesome stuff with me. And me to!!! :)

  14. Emily #

    I’d love to win. What a great competition!!

  15. We would love to win one of your books. Thank you and Enviroco for the great opportunity!!!

  16. zuri #

    Hello! I´m zuri from spain. I Love your blog and your tutorials! I would like to win your book!

    thank you!

  17. lynne #

    how fab id love a copy!

  18. Jodie #

    Thanks for the chance to win your great book!

  19. Jeahi, i`d like to win :)

  20. Oh, my, God, I’m in, want your book so much!!!!!!!!!

  21. nina #

    Would love to win! :)

  22. ooooh pretty…….

  23. Arja #

    would love to win your book! enjoying your blog and crafts a lot.

  24. Fiona #

    Oh wow! My girls would LOVE this! They love anything crafty, and thanks to a great school, are always trying to practice being environmentally friendly – this book is the perfect match!

  25. Cara #

    I have just found your blog through a link to your 8-bit popup cards. I’m very impressed with your projects – your kids must have so much fun!

    I look forward to trying some of your tutorials with my little girl – keep up the good work.

  26. Cool, count me in! :)

  27. marushka #

    Let’s give it a try. ;)

  28. Ína #

    Love all your tutorials so I bet the book is awesome! Good luck with everything :o)

  29. Madalina #

    I really love your crafts. Thank you for being an inspiration :)

  30. Jen #

    Excellent. I’d love a copy of your book. Your projects and design sense are inspiring.

  31. Aandes #

    Please count me in! Thanks Enviroco and Minieco!

    PS: Love your blog!!

  32. Kate #

    I would love a copy!

  33. sally #

    Yay for craftbooks and giveaway!

  34. Jodie #

    I love your craft ideas :D

  35. cate #

    oooo yes please, I often refer to your site for ideas for both home and at the playgroup I run and I’ve been eyeing your book for a while too!

  36. Michelle #

    Love it!

  37. Helen B #

    I would love a copy of your book!

  38. Brrrrriese #

    Cool book

  39. Tash #

    Wow, this looks amazing! Im in New Zealand so not sure if im eligible to enter but i would love the chance ♥

    • Kate #

      yes Tash…you are eligible to enter!

  40. Miriam Prantner #

    I’m always looking for great projects to do with the kids, and this book looks wonderful. THanks for the chance!

  41. wow 10 copies, how generous, fingers and toes crossed that I am one of them

  42. Vera #

    wow, these are great news! I love your blog and your creativity! I would also love a copy of your book to be mine.
    So I’m going to give it a try :)

  43. What a great idea :)

  44. Kelly Krawchuk #

    I would love a copy of your book!

  45. Chantal #

    Love your blog.
    I’d love a copy of your book!

  46. yes! i want to take part too!!!!


  47. Irina #

    I would like to have one, very very much!!!

  48. Angie McDuff #

    I bought this book for me when it was first released and have so many friends in mind to give it to as a gift, especially a friend with a very creative 3 year old boy. Great book!!

  49. The front cover is really beautifil!
    And I loooove eco-friendly everything!

    It would be a must if I could have one copy here with me! :)


  50. I just love your blog and your work, please Mr. Random, pick me :) And thank you too Enviroco :)

  51. Alison #

    Ooh great giveaway. I have a baby on the way so this would be her first book! I know she’s not even born yet but I already can’t wait to start doing crafts and things with her!!

  52. Trish #

    I bought a copy of your book for my best friend’s birthday present… now I need one for me!! :)

  53. Yani #

    nice :)

  54. Sveta #

    how cool that there is a chance to win your book.
    your ideas are wonderful!!!

  55. Such a goodness! I couldn’t stop playing with my little nephews if I’ve got this book ;)

  56. Kelly J #

    Well done Enviroco – would love to win this gorgeous book :)

  57. Elizabeth #

    Thank you Kate & Enviroco for the lovely chance to win a copy :)

  58. wendy stanger #

    looks like fun

  59. An #

    Oh! I wish it!
    Good luck!

  60. Jane Willis #

    I already do some crating with my 3 year old granddaughter and would love this book for ideas on how to make it greener

  61. Yeeey. I need this:)

  62. Lydia #

    I’d love a copy of this.

  63. I can never resist a contest, so I’ll certainly give it a try

  64. Vicky Gounari #

    Hope to win one of them… I <3 crafting with my kids!!!!!!!!!

  65. @chris_woodgate #

    Great prize consider me entered

  66. Thanks Kate & Enviroco! I would looooooooooove a copy of your awesome book! fingers crossed very tightly.

  67. Bridget Haig #

    Oh I’d be thrilled to get this great book.

  68. Julie #

    I would love to win a copy of your book.

  69. I hope I’ll be the one of the lucky ones!

    Greetings from Finland :)

  70. WooHoo! Thank you Enviroco and MiniEco :-) This would be a treasure of a win.

  71. Ooh fantastic, I’d love to win a copy :-)

  72. Alex #

    I’d love a book :)

  73. What an exciting giveaway! Thank you to you, Kate, and to Enviroco as well!

  74. Kristine Tilbrook #

    I would love a copy! Apparently so would 74 others!! HA!!
    If I don’t get a free copy where can I get your book in Canada?
    Thank you!

  75. Mercedes #

    I cross fingers!!!! I love your work!!!!
    Greetings from Spain

  76. VJ #

    As mum to 3 boys, would be fab to win this gorgeous book! Thanks for your fantastic blog! X

  77. Oooh, I love everything you create and just know my son would love it too!

  78. Ruzana #

    oh I love the activities that you do- such an inspiration.
    would love a copy!

  79. Sophie #

    Hi Kate, love your site and would love to win a copy of your book. (>_<)

  80. Elektra #

    Pretty blog :-)

  81. I would be soooooo proud of having a copy of your book with your signature inside. Thanks for all the brilliant & colorful ideas you are sharing with the world.
    Greetings from Slovenia.

  82. Eva #

    I’ll love to have one of them :)

  83. Michelle #

    This looks like a great book that I can use with my 5th graders! :) thank you!

  84. Kristi #

    great idea! I would love a copy of your book, I am always up for new crafts and with 2 children this will help enforce the importance of recycling

  85. Aly S #

    Congratulations on the book publication and thanks for the chance to get my hands on a copy of it!

  86. Jodie #

    thank you Enviroco,
    I love teaching my kids to craft

  87. Katherine W #

    Love your blog, would love to own a copy of your book.

  88. Oh my, would love to win it!

  89. Michele Alford #

    this looks really lovely and I would love to try some of your ideas when I’m home with my kiddos this summer!

  90. Hazel #

    What a great idea for a book! Enter me please. Thanks.

  91. Christina Hudler #

    With three kids this book will get great use! Fingers crossed :P

  92. Raquel #

    Great blog and tutorials. Would love a copy!

  93. Flo #

    Hi !
    I give it a try !

  94. Emma Clement #

    I follow via pinterest and love your blog and inspiration pin boards! Would love to win a copy of your book – I have a toddler and a baby who love making things!

    Emma xx (twitter id @beachpebble)

  95. Pam Ambrose #

    This would be great for my after school club children, passing on some great ideas to the next generation!

  96. Amanda #

    Awesome! I must be living under a rock (or not reading my GoogleReader), I didn’t know you had a book out. How exciting! If we don’t win we will definitely have to look for your book at our local book store!

  97. Elisabetta #

    I’ll try but i think it’s too late. I love that book and i love crafting! <3

  98. Tracy Nixon #

    I love anything art and crafty! Always looking for new inspiration so would love to be included in the draw! Thank you x

  99. Today’s the first day of summer of vacation … this would be perfect to fill up the days!!!!

  100. Fiona Bindley #

    This sounds perfect for the rainy weather we’ve been getting lately!

  101. Jacquie Baroni #

    I have never visited your site before today but because of Pinterest I have found it. I have been looking around and found some great crafts that my daughter would love to make. So thank you for posting some great ideas.

  102. My kids and I would LOVE your book! We love your blog and all the colorful projects you make. Thank you for the giveaway!

  103. Emma Hicks #

    Wow this book looks fabulous! I can see hours and hours of fun ahead…I really hope I win this as my daughter will be in craft heaven!

  104. Malvina #

    I’d love to get your book, but I’m from Argentina. Can we still make it??? I could pay the shipment expenses. I love your blog, and my daughter is very happy with all the things we’re making for her.
    Thank you!!!!

    • Kate #

      Hi Malvina…Enviroco are kindly buying the books & covering the shipping ;-)

  105. Emma Chapman #

    I would like to congratulate you on your inspirational site! Beautiful ideas, finished to a top standard, photographed beautifully, (or animated)!, It’s just all so lovely on the eye, and all the ideas feel achievable…… its an absolute joy! Thankyou! thank you for sharing this, and inspiring other creative people/mums/Dads, all trying to keep the creative juices ticking over,………! I try to look at all your ideas, links, fonts, anything! as often as can get….. before life peels me back……!!!! Thankyou for taking my mind somewhere else!!!!

  106. I would love to win your book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. I really love your book!! Would love to have one to give to my eldest. :^)

  108. Chaka #

    I’ve just started creeping you on pinterest and found that you have such a lovely site. A few days ago I add you to my favs….and now you are giving away a book!!!!!! I’m so excited. Hope I win a copy! but if I don’t, I’ll still be madly creeping this site because it’s just so wonderful and I’ve gotta try your naturally coloured playdough. ^_^

  109. Hilary B #

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  110. naomi #

    this book looks awesome!

  111. Love your crafts! thanks for the chance

  112. Laura #

    Oh! I want it!! :)

  113. marie #

    Ecofriendly and preschoolers…great combination!

  114. Merisa #

    The book looks great.

  115. Looks great! Just perfect for my family :) Thanks!

  116. Jesslyn Jenkens #

    I would love to do some of these projects with my niece and nephew!

  117. melanie #

    would love This!

  118. Sue Tucker #

    Wow! looks like great fun for little people.

  119. Want *-*
    It looks sooooooo cute!

  120. Mac #

    Sign me up! I can’t wait to crack open this treasure of a book!

  121. I would love to have one of your books sent to me in Sweden:)

  122. Jeanna #

    I have been following you on Pintrest since I first started! I do childcare and would love eco-friendly craft ideas!!!

  123. Lauren Dircks #

    Hi Kate, I’m sure many pinned have followed you here (-; I love your visual aesthetic and ecological ethic and would surely find this book an inspiring addition to our home. Besides I can see mister-nearly-five going crazy for rubber band powered planes!!

  124. Anneke #

    I love your site. And my kids love the ideas I get from it. And now to have a book – heaven!
    We would love to have that!

  125. Love reading your blog, and I know my daughter and I could have a lot of fun with your book!

  126. Gorgeous! This is so up my alley!

  127. BKC #

    This looks so great! I’d love to do some of these crafts with my daughter.

  128. This book looks amazing. I bet this would come in handy to do my student teaching with.

  129. I love your blog so much and would love to have your book! I love seeing what colorful project you will come up with next!

  130. kasia #

    We love crafts!

  131. Kathryn stilin #

    Saw your page on pinterest and looked really interesting

  132. Gahiareta #

    OMG! I can’t believe I never realized you had a book… Lucky me if I win it :P
    Keep up with your beautiful work!

  133. Awesome, thank you!


    Afternoon, just found your site, first visit, but not the last, great book, kids would love a copy

  135. Shannon Jordan #

    My son is a creative rising recycler and would love to get his hands on this.

  136. I am looking forward to checking out your book!

  137. Ashley Grosserode #

    I’d love to enter to win! I’ve made a couple things off your site and they turned out super cute, so thanks! :)

  138. great idea and great cover design.

  139. Exciting! I’ve had this on my wishlist since it came out! Fingers crossed…

  140. karin #

    I love your blog! me and my girls would love to win… Thanks!

  141. I’ve been following your blog for a while, and love your fresh use of colours. I’d love to win a copy of your book – I’d share the eco-friendly crafts with my young library visitors – looks like your ideas would be a big hit!

  142. tracy alcock #

    great site ill be visiting again my daughter would love this craft book for inspiring new ideas

  143. Aimee #

    I would LOVE a copy, it looks great! x

  144. I’m in France. I like your blog.
    My son love your book’s cover with paperplane.

  145. Sarah Fearing #

    My daughter is 6 months old, and I started saving craft ideas from magazines and Pinterest when she was only 2 months old. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood was making crafts with my mom and friends. Just can’t wait for the day when she and I can sit at the dinning room table and make our first craft together, just like my mom and I did. Oh so excited to find this book. Even if I don’t win, I’m going to buy it and save it for later.

  146. Heather #

    Oh, what a beautiful book! I’m feeling the need for some kiddo crafting inspiration right now, this would be well timed!

  147. Jen #

    I would be so delighted if I won. I love your ideas.

  148. Mariya #

    I would love love love your book for idea for crafts to do with my daughter (or by myself). They’re all so great and fun!

  149. Holly #

    I love your blog and have three girls who love to make stuff. We would love to win a copy of your book!

  150. I have your book on loan from the library – would love to have a copy of my own!

  151. Joshua D. #

    I’m crossing my fingers!!!

  152. Maria Trakoshis #

    Love your work! So much fun with the children!

  153. Wow I was looking for a book like this one to share with my children! I wish I can win it :) Thank you!!!

  154. I found you on Pinterest and I am loving your posts! Would love to win one of the copies of your book!

  155. juli R. #

    Beautiful cover! My three kids and I would love a copy of your book. I’ve been following your site – great ideas. Congratulations on getting ipublished!

  156. Jill #

    Your ideas are fantastic, so colourful :) I have a new pack of Paperchase multi-coloured card that I’m going to break out this weekend. Our family would love your book. x

  157. SUNEE #

    Yay! There are so many wonderful things that you create, and for them to be in a book! I can only imagine how wonderful it is :) I would love to win a copy!

  158. joolee #

    count me in!! my kids and i could spend HOURS with this book!

  159. Hi! I’m from Portugal and every day i stop here to be inspired to do something to and for my children. Now i’m happy to do more and eco-friendly crafts.Thank you for the inspiration.

    Mª João

  160. dhirja #

    Wud just luv it for my ever energetic twins :) plz plz say yes .. :d thats the way they wud have said given a chance

  161. Curly Cie #

    I want my book! Crossing fingers…

  162. Please count me in! Your projects are always an inspiration.

  163. Denise Rabelo #

    Hello! I live in Brazil and I’d love to win your book!

  164. Michal #

    I love your crafts ideas. i would be so happy toget the book. Good luck with it.

  165. Claire Speakman #

    Stumbled upon this site as searching for design activities for school lessons. What a fantastic sounding book, I hope I win! Thanks for the competition.

  166. tony allan #

    My Sisters kids would love this book

  167. Mati #

    This would be a great addition to our homeschooling curriculum and library. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  168. michelle hall #

    I would love to do some of these projects with my crafty little girl molly. Fantastic prize :) fingers crossed we win x

  169. Nuria #

    Super fan of minieco!!! Kisses from Barcelona!

  170. Julie M. #

    I have to say even though my boys (3 of them) are getting older we still craft our summers! this would be an awesome addition to our summer craft sessions.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Veronica Knoop #

    I am a teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I would love to do activities and crafts from the book with my students!

  172. Marysia #

    Thanks for giving everyone such a great opportunity…keep up the great work!

  173. Catherine Danford #

    Thanks for the giveaway. We love the crafts!

  174. Rachel McConnell #

    I read everything on here all the time! I love your blog! Your book looks wonderful and I hope I win one!!!!

  175. I would love to have a copy of that beautiful and interesting book. I’m a mother of 2, but I usually have their friends over, so that is great to have different things to do with them.

  176. Thank you! Thank you for sharing this, and inspiring other creative people :)

  177. Aw, what a nice giveaway!
    I’d love to win one of these–your colorful projects are so cheery :)

  178. kathyS #

    Love this blog. Not a kid, but will locate some and share the book !

  179. Jeremy #

    am i the only guy in the house???!

    Love your site, love your email blasts.
    my 6 year old loves your stuff too

  180. Nicole Webb #

    This book would be a great resource for sharing Eco-friendly crafts with others at school! Great Idea!

  181. Jenn #

    My son and I love your blog.

  182. Marina #

    Yay! I love this book!!!!!! Would love to win!!!

  183. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. I’m Spanish and I don’t know if I can participate in the giveaway. I hope so.

    I love every little thing you do. It’s so colorful!! I have pinned your butterfly on pinterest and more than 80 people have repinned it. that’s because you are an artist!!! I hope you sell lots of books.

  184. I would love to have a wonderful book of yours!
    Regards from Spain

  185. I like your site. It is very inspiring. I also like to reuse as much as possible.
    Lies Koster

  186. Kelly #

    I love your website, and your book looks amazing

  187. Mrs King #

    Hi there, just wanted to say, you have really inspired me and loving your work!!! Shalm x

  188. Sharee #

    I have 3 little ones and need something like this!

  189. I love these book!

  190. Rebecca #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your website! Whimsical and colourfull, a bit a fresh air during my day! Thank you!

  191. Sol #

    I love your blog and I’d love to get your book!!
    Thanks for teaching us to make things as pretty and colorful.

  192. I love your blog and rainbow ideas :) I hope I will be lucky winner :)

  193. ed #

    I’d love a copy. Made a Christmas decoration when I was 5. Out of the usual, toilet roll & cotton balls. haven’t made anything like it since. So I need this :)

  194. Cristina #

    Thanks for inspiring me to create and make more things for my kids and my loved ones !!!

  195. Pilar #

    We receive you e-mails, and I do with my little two girls some of your projects, so we would LOVE to have your book! Congratulations on your work.

  196. Janelle Fox #

    I love the projects you’ve featured in your blog and would love to win a copy of your book!

  197. Anaïs #

    I’m a young girl & I like your blog with crazy colors!! ;)

  198. I’m always on the look out for green projects to use with my students. Would love to win! :D

  199. Jen #

    Very cool

  200. Cheri #

    Your crafts are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  201. Linda Hughes #

    Oh wow – how lovely is this. My twin grandchildren – Molly and Jack would be in craft heaven with this book – we are all crazy crafters !!

  202. i definitely need your book in my life! Yes please!

  203. Chloe #

    Hi, I love your blog and have had a blast with my kids making some of your fantastic crafts. I would love a copy of your book, thanks so much x

  204. L Romero #

    I love crafting with my nieces and nephews as I have not been blessed with the ability to have children of my own </3. However, this would make crafting all that much better by being able to teach them how to be creative and reduce the footprint we leave on our beautiful Earth. Thanks for sharing on Pinterest!

  205. Corina #

    I would love to win it, we are all crossing fingers! Thank you!

  206. Denisse #

    I love paper! and all the things i can do with… this book will be a great gift to enjoy it more!

  207. Linda #

    As a babysitting grandma back to taking care of little ones, I really like the activities on your website. Would love to get a copy of your new book! Thanks for making it easier to keep little minds occupied.

  208. Thanks for the chance to win. Love the awesome ideas and beautiful photography you do.

  209. Brenda #

    love your crafts – would be uber cool to win one of your books! n_n

  210. Dani atkins #

    Would love a copy of your book. We are a crafting family

  211. Shell #

    Oooh pick me – have your book on my pinterest board of ‘must haves’ – love your site!
    Thanks for the chance to win ;-)

  212. deanna #

    Would love to win your book. My 9 yo son would enjoy.

  213. Kirstin #

    Would love a free copy of your book to share with others!! Love your site and the book.

  214. Tammi #

    Wow, what a generous offer from Enviroco. I would love to win a copy!

  215. Rena #

    My son and I would be veeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy to be environmentally friendly :)

  216. oh man…this would be UHmazing for my girls.

  217. Ashley Denney #

    I would love to win this book! It would make this summer so much fun!

  218. Gates #

    Fingers crossed it’s us!!!!!!!

  219. I would love to have a copy of your book!

  220. Laura #

    Great blog, great craft, great ideas… Will be a great book as well ! I hope to win one, that would be so nice! I sometimes use one of your ideas as an inspiration for my lessons in class, kids love it so thank you very much!

    Creative greetings from Belgium,

    °°° we love you mini-eco, we do! °°°


  221. Denise #

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  222. Oh how I would love to win your gorgeous book! My five year old daughter would love making some of the wonderful creations and it would be great inspiration for further crafty projects.
    Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  223. joanna Hanca-Illa #

    yesss I would love to win :)))

  224. Mel A #

    Awesome giveaway! yay!

  225. Maria #

    I love your blog and also I would love to have your wonderful book!

  226. I’d love a copy of your book!
    Love from,

  227. Nadine #

    Oooh great offer! Yes I would love to opportunity to win a copy of your book! I’m waiting on my first child (any day now) and can’t wait to try all your projects with her.

  228. Adriana #

    We will looooove to have a book to add to our HS family….

  229. jennifer thorpe #

    this book looks fantastic, my kids would love it. Please include me in the draw

  230. Wow, love to win it!
    And if I win, your book will go al the way to Belgium!

  231. Keri #

    What a nice looking book! I love your craft ideas!

  232. thepete #

    I just discovered your site via a tumblr blog I follow and I swear I want to try most of the stuff you’ve posted–it all looks so cool!! Naturally, I’d love a copy of your book, but just might have to buy one if I don’t win. :)

  233. Sarah #

    I’m new to crafting :) Thank you for the chance to enter x

  234. win or buy, either way, this will be a book procured for this summer;) lovely work! thank you!

  235. ivete #

    I will love to win one :)
    or in portuguese:
    Eu ia adorar ganhar um ;)

  236. Cat #

    Ooooo, I would LOVE to win a copy of your book. How exciting! Thank you.

  237. Meera #

    The kids and I would love this book! So many great ideas!!! Thanks

  238. this book seems like some great days filled with activities to do with my son. thanks for the giveaway

  239. Oh, I woul love love love to win this. I adore your crafts and the wonderful photos of them.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  240. Hi there! :) I wanna join the contest :3 Your book looks amazing.

    Greetings from Spain!!

  241. Katera Poma #

    I would love a copy of your book!

  242. Ana Carolina #

    Yupi!!! Someone in Brazil wants to participate too!
    Thank you! Ü

  243. kali #

    Your book looks fab! Would love to win a copy x

  244. Magdalena #

    I would love to win your book!
    Fingers crossed!

  245. Mimouna #

    Un tirage au sort! Oui je participe! D’autant qu’ils feront le bonheur de mes deux moussaillons.
    Pour être honnête, j’ai décidé de l’avoir pour mes petits bouts(ce sera l’achat de fin de mois si je ne suis pas tiré au sort).
    En tout cas merci! merci! merci! Pour toutes ces belles choses fantastiques que vous nous faites partager et bonne continuation.

    Maman Sénégalaise vivant en France.

  246. Annette #

    Looks like a fun book! I would love share this book with my nieces and nephews! I’m sure they’d love the projects in the book :)

  247. Sherri #

    Perfect for my granddaughter! Thanks for the chance to win.

  248. Becky Petersen #

    We would *love* a copy of your fantastic book!! What great ideas you have; my toddler and I love them :-)

  249. Margie #

    How nice of Enviroco … my fingers are crossed!

  250. I would absolutely love to win this!!! I want to do all of these projects with my boys!

  251. jill #

    A fab book would love to win x

  252. I love you page! I wish to enter the giveaway of your book.

    Greetings from México! <3

  253. I gave a copy of this book to my dear cousin who lives in the UK with her husband and daughter. She LOVES this book. It has not only new and fun ideas for projects to raise her daughter with but a few from her own childhood she was thrilled to be reminded of and pass along.

    Minieco is GREAT! If you do not win the book, I DEFINITELY recommend buying it! Your own kids will have it to share with their kids and hand down to theirs!

    This was the PERFECT book to give to my cousin. Thank you Minieco! :)))

  254. Corny #

    I would love to win this book for my just born fourth Grand-baby. With 8 lb. Lorenz was a miracle baby with the umbilical cord around his neck he is a perfectly healthy little baby boy. I never won anything but Lorenz sure would appreciate the book with his MOM & Dad!

  255. Raddatz #

    I’m always happy to see your new projects, and I love all of the color!

  256. Alic #

    I’ve been stalking this blog without commenting for too long! I’d like to enter the giveaway!
    Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!


  257. I would love to have the kids experiment with your book over the summer!

  258. Yvette #

    I would really love this!! This would be great to do over the summer with my kids!!

  259. Gi #

    Oh, it would be SO wonderful… please pretty please? :D

  260. I need this book! I run creative craft workshops for kids using waste products, this would be great inspiration and a lovely book to have on the shelf in my studio.

  261. Hazel #

    I’d love to join this! Thanks enviroco~

  262. katrin tan #

    1. your posts, your crafts! they’re so colorful and unique!
    2. how you can just have colorful papers and a pair of scissors to create these!
    3. the rainbow theme!

    would love
    1. to have your book! (if given the chance) :)
    2. to be able to try out your book’s projects!


  263. Tamar #

    Your book looks amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  264. Valeria #

    I agree with Katrin, I looooooove all you do in so bright and beautiful colours and I would Looooooooove to try the projects in your book, fingers crossed…

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    Love to work with your book and you could tell everybody you have readers across the canal. Love from the Netherlands

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    Mom to twin boys love to craft and this giveaway rocks!!

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    This book has been a godsend for me, as now I have a present to give to all my friends that pleases both Parents and the Kiddies… great work – esp the science section


  272. Sandy McG-B (NZ) #

    Would the lovely people at Enviroco send it all the way down to New Zealand? That would be magic! I so love what you do!

  273. I love the idea of creating and recycling at the same time!

  274. I would love to win this book. Even if I don’t I’m still going to buy one for myself and my mother:)

  275. By the way shout out from San Diego, California, USA:)

  276. bmerry #

    yay crafties!!

  277. Lorna Anderson #

    oh yES pLEASE!!! My son would looooooove your book x

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    I have four lovelies that love to craft and make messes. We would love to have a copy of your book!

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    Beautiful work!

  280. Cat #

    I am very new to “craft” and would relish the chance to create some exciting things with my son. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your colourful book, and for the e-mails on your latest projects. Much obliged.

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    Lovely book to have L x

  282. Totally cool giveaway!!! Wonderful!!!

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    I bought 3 this week! I’d love another though. Spread the eco craft love! It’s great. Well done Kate!

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    How wonderful :) My daughter who is preschool age and I would love discovering new art/craft ideas to do together!

  287. Love your site and would love, love, love your book to use with my new little bundle of joy! We are trying our best to raise him to be an earth-loving little boy and crafty too.

  288. I love your website and would love a copy of your book. I have a 2 year toddler who love arts,crafts and getting messy!! I also teach design and technology, your book would definitely come in handy in keeping my kids busy!!

  289. Thanks for the chance! It would be great crafting book to add to our collection & to share with our school.

  290. Rachael Wallace #

    it would be amazing to win this book!

  291. HawaiianLibrarian #

    Mahalo Enviroco for the op to win this fabulous book! I present Tiny Tales at our public library twice weekly w/ read alouds and crafts, that’s 52 crafts a year!. So this book will offer so many more ideas!

  292. Iza Dar #

    thanks for this great opportunity try to get your book free! appreciate your wonderful creative ideas… you inspire me as a fellow mama. hope you sell tons of copies!

  293. Sophia #

    this book looks amazing! we love your site and my son is just getting old enough to get interested in crafts.

  294. Nadine #

    wow, would love a copy, and so would my son.

  295. Katherine Tran #

    AAahhhhhh want!!! especially with summer coming >.<

  296. Kelly #

    Oh please let me be a lucky winner! Just starting up a small non profit preschool so this would be amazingly helpful!

  297. melinda emerson #

    I’m a teacher and would love this!

  298. Justine Smith #

    My son and I both love your website and would love to have your book too.

  299. Pinky Higgs #

    Oh Wow! Look at all the comments you’ve already received! That is the most fantastic thing; It’s wonderfully comforting that so many people care about our planet, craft and the future of our children. :)

  300. F #

    Teen here, but I’d still love a book.

  301. Sarah Synnott #

    Love your website, would love your book!! Good luck with it.

  302. Sim #

    Well done on the book. It looks fabulous! I can think of a dozen friends who would love a copy so I’ll tell them to leave a comment too!

  303. Looks cool, would be great to do with the kids

  304. fabio montarroios #

    would be great to have this book. and congratulations on your work!

  305. I’m a mum of a 2 year old boy, I work full time so my time with him is so precious. Your blog and emails inspire me to make the time we have together creative and inspiring, you’re ideas are simple and easy for everyone! Repinning your ideas on Pinterest too.
    Thanks for providing an amazing resource!

  306. amir #

    Making stuff is fun!

  307. Ange #

    Wow! I would love to win a copy of your book! I look forward to your emails!

  308. cathy #

    Thanks for the opportunity! I hope it sells quickly as you’ve collected these comments!

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    LOVE your blog and all the cool projects you come up with. My kids and I would love to win a copy of your book, it is on my wishlist, looks great :)

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    Ohhh, the inspiration in that book! Brilliant giveaway.

  318. I am so excited– I love your blog!

  319. Everyone, including Australians? That’s awesome. Messers 8 and 4, and Miss 6 would love to win a book like this! They love crafting, and their school is very big about the importance of recycling.

  320. Pam #

    Love your website and this book looks wonderful.

  321. tamara rodriguez #

    ooh!!i want to participate..

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    I love this site, so many great ideas that I hope I can make for my own kids someday. For now I just craft for fun :)

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    Are Australians allowed to enter this comp?? Your book looks wonderful, found a link to your site on another site! I love finding things like this :) Have bookmarked your page!

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  329. ACK! I’m amped. My boys and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this book!

  330. Lesley #

    Awesome work Kate! I have a 4 year old boy who is into doing anything with his hands – he has a 2 year old little sister who wants to do anything her big brother is doing – this book looks like its full of great ideas to keep them occupied when we get the ‘craft box’ out!

  331. Your ideas are cute as pie and I would LOVE a copy. I’ve made a bunch of your ideas with my niece and they are always just so beautiful! Good luck with your gorgeous book. xxxxx p.s my name is Kate too. SNAP!!!

  332. Rebecca #

    I really enjoy this site and I’d love a copy of your book :)

  333. Oooh, yes please. I know a few Girl Guide programs that could benefit from your ideas.

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    I really love your tutorials (especially the colored paper ones)! Thank you!

  335. Amanda #

    Congratulations the book looks fab!

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    I love your site! You have inspired my 10 yr. old son to craft more and use recycled materials more. We love reading about you and your boys. Thanks for sharing!

  337. Anita #

    would LOVE to receive, if chosen. thank you in advance. :o)

  338. Emily #

    I’d absolutely love a copy of your book. And, thanks to Enviroco–I’m reading up on practices and stance towards social responsibility with waste management, sounds great.

  339. becksta76 #

    This blog inspires the artist in me, that wants to inspire the artist in my kids. thank you

  340. JJ #

    Cool, thanks for a sweet giveaway!

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    I love your blog, LOVE it. & I’d love to own a copy of your book- so would my children, creative souls that they are!

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    Fabulous ideas & your blog is so inviting and colourful, just like play should be :)

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    Fantastic! Lots of ideas to take into my child’s classroom for school projects. Thankyou!

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    Looks like a fantastic book with lots of great projects!


  345. Thank you for the giveaway chance! Love your colorful blog!

  346. Crystal Sanchez #

    I love your idea for your book, also it is very creative of you to come up with eco-friendly crafts! I work with a company that is go green, in addition to teaching preschool children. Your book would be fantastic for new ideas in my class, as well as incorporating it into curriculum. Also I know my students would love having it as much as I would! -thank you for putting the time and effort in creating a eco-friendly book!

  347. Irenie B #

    Your site is a great resource. I enjoy browsing, and i love sharing the site with others. AND I want a book! :)

  348. Do you know that I made the birdcakes with my children and other children at a community playgroup this morning? Bought the bits and pieces yesterday and we mixed and got larded up with your link up on one of the mum’s iPhone. Now just waiting for them to set. Thank you. And yes please to the book!

  349. Rohit Arun Rao #

    That’s awesome! Minieco really got my brain thinking, i’ve now decorated my office cabin and they all are like… aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwsome! Minieco …. u r the best!

  350. Ling #

    Love your website and the wonderful ideas. Would love to have a copy of the book. Thanks.

  351. Can’t resist!

  352. The best website of DIY Crafts. Just lovely <3
    Great news 'bout your book, best of lucks with it!!!
    Do you know if it'll be available in Mexico?

  353. Best website of DIY Crafts for kids!! We love it!!
    Congratulations about your book, hope you’ll publish next soon!
    Do you know if it’ll be available in Mexico?

  354. Bernadette #

    Each fortnight we fill our council large sized paper recycling bin with paper waste. With 5 homeschooled children at home this book would be a much welcomed help for ideas of reusing our recycling to create fun crafts. I hate seeing all this waste and my 2 daughters are always trying to create new crafts. I am so excited about your new book full of great ideas.

  355. Catherine #

    Would be very interested in seeing your book. Have enjoyed your crafts immensely on the blog.


  356. Izabella #

    I would be very happy to possess one example of this book :)

  357. Rocio #

    The book looks amazing, congrats!

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    you’re brilliant, i love you

  359. Lulu #

    Wow thanks Kate and Enviroco for your generosity. I have 3 kids so the book would be well utilised! I have my fingers crossed : )

  360. Rebecca Ferguson #

    Love give-a-ways…..maybe I will win one someday…Looks like a great book to do crafts with your grandchildren….Kids love to do crafts….

  361. Mary P #

    The book looks awesome! I work at an elementary school with special needs children. I’m always looking for new craft ideas that utilize scrap material or involve upcycling.
    Congratulations and thank you for your consideration.

  362. Rachel #

    I love your craft ideas and I would absolutely love a copy of your book! I use your craft ideas all the time and am always recommending you to my friends. I am so excited about this giveaway!

  363. Eva Balazs #

    Hi! I’m from Hungary and I often read your blog. I love your ideas!

  364. Nicole #

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    I just LOVE your blog and would be thrilled to win a copy of your book. Thank you for the chance :)

  369. Jhsu #

    What a generous offer. I’ve already shared some of your wonderful ideas from your blog with other mommies in my son’s playgroup. It would be terrific to be able to share the book with them too, fingers crossed.

  370. Simona #

    I really love what you do. I have subscribed myself to get your newsletter into my e-mail box. I even subscribed my 9year old daughter to get your craft posts too although she knows only several words in English :) But she likes to get them and to share some opinion with me. And she would be really surprised if I won a copy of your amazing book :)

  371. nic #

    yes please, my kids will love it! your blog is a daily inspiration and often makes our day! thanks!

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    your book looks wonderful! I would love to win a copy.

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  375. michelle mcavoy #

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  376. Sarah Clark #

    I’m a mum of a 2 year old boy, I work full time so my time with him is so precious. Your blog and emails inspire me to make the time we have together creative and inspiring, you’re ideas are simple and easy for everyone! Repinning your ideas on Pinterest too.

  377. Me ! Me ! Me !!! Pick me !
    (you can’t see but I’m doing the Shrek cat’s eyes…)

  378. I love all the color in your crafted goods! Thanks for this :).

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  380. Anna #

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  384. Mumma K #

    A book! Wow, I should think so too, you’d be crazy not to! I found your website a month or two ago and I love it. So bright and colourful yet simple. My eldest son enjoys the activities that you post up so a big thank you from us all. Keep up the good work. x

  385. Linda #

    Thanks for the chance to participate. It will be great to do the eco crafts and save the earth!!

  386. It would be great if one of the ten copies comes to Spain ;)

  387. Megan #

    Ohhh have only just found your blog and was so excited to see you had a book. I would love to win, i need inspiration to engage my two little kiddies!

  388. Jessica #

    Great book, I hope it goes really well for you.

  389. Anne Laure #

    I would obviously love to win, but I have to be honest, I was planning to buy a copy :)
    Well, I guess that if I’m lucky enough to win one, I could give the one I’ll buy to someone I love!
    Anyway, thank you very much for the opportunity!

  390. I am sure this is such a fabulous book. So want to have a look at it.
    Ment to buy it, not done yet. Will definitively review it on OKIDO.
    so yes we entering the competition to win one ;-) !!!!

  391. CoXLiNeTTe #

    One of your many silent fans. that’s who I am! :)
    I love your porjects and I am happy my niece is growing up so that I can share the projects with her!
    Fingers crossed we win your book courtesy of Enviroco :)

  392. marie wallace #

    How cool, i run a recycling craft club for kids and teach pre-school as well. always looking for new ideas.

  393. Jade #

    I have been following your blog for a while and would love to win a copy of your book. Yay.

  394. Glenda #

    Would love to have a copy of your book. Crafting with grandchild is one of my favorite activities.

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    Looks Fab!

  396. Marita Di #

    Oh my. I would love for a copy to be shipped all the way to me, here in Norway.

  397. Frauke #

    Love your website and would love to have this book!!!
    Greetings from Germany

  398. sarah joyce #

    Would love to get a copy of your book!!!
    Have been looking for great environmentally friendly fun options for kids.
    Glad I came across your website via Pinterest.

  399. Tricia Kidd #

    What a wonderful way for children and their parents, Aunts, Uncles Grandparents and friends to make things and open up a dialogue about the environment and waste management!
    Thank You! Tricia

  400. I LOVE your blog and I use your ideas all the time with my kiddos. I cannot wait to see your new book at the book store.

  401. Mercedes #

    Much generosity, thank you very much. Congratulations on the blog is great. Thanks

    • Kara #

      i would like to win this
      fingers crossed!X

  402. Hi !
    I would really like having one … Thanks …
    Greatings from South of france,

  403. I would love to have a copy of your book!
    Best Wishes to you. :)

  404. Ana #

    Yay! Fingers crossed.

  405. SewBertie #

    Love your blog and I’m sure the book is equally wonderful.

  406. What a lovely front cover, very eye catching for the little ones.
    Thank you very much,

  407. Jenny #

    The book looks amazing- thank you for the chance to win one!

  408. We made those airplanes a few months ago, and they were a big hit! I’d enjoy having a whole book full of good ideas.

  409. Great giveaway, would love to win a copy of your book,

    Thanks so much x

  410. Gϵm (@gemstargem) #

    Would love to enter this :D

  411. Discovered this place about a week ago or so. I’m really glad! Thanks!

  412. dN #

    would love a copy!

  413. Ximena Solé #

    Hola, me encantaría tener este libro. Soy de Chile casi al fin del mundo, donde acá no llegan jamás estos lindos libros. me encanta tu página, soy una fan de las maravillosas cosas que haces.
    Un abrazo,


    Hi, I would love to have this book. I’m from Chile, almost at the end of the world. Here we never have the pleasure to have this beautiful books. I love your web I’m a fan of the marvelous things you do.


  414. WillSpeed #

    I have just discovered your blog and love it

  415. Dawn D. #

    This looks like so much fun! Congrats on a great book!

  416. Nirali Patel #

    I would love to do the projects in this book with my 20 nieces and nephews. We just did an awesome project: Colored “sand” made with colored chalk and salt. Gotta love it.

  417. Maya Russell #

    I’d love to win one. This book would give me inspiration!

  418. Ali #

    Hi I would like to enter for the book!

    P.S. you site is truly amazing!

    Hi From Ohio U.S.


  419. Mell #

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    What a great book, this would be great to read and do stuff together with our Grace, :)

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  423. I would love a change to win your book!

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    an eco-friendly frenchy loves your creations.
    I’d like to read your funny book.

  425. Ashleigh #

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  426. sue anderson #

    What a wonderful way to deal with the issues!!


  427. ariane #

    I’d loooove to get your book!!! I’m a young kids’ teacher and this would be very usefull! Good looking things to do with them! ;-)

  428. jackie curran #

    lovely prize, please include me.

  429. Bernadette #

    I hope I win!

  430. The kids I nanny would LOVE this! I’m always trying to come up with great ideas to help teach them that it can be fun to do the right thing and this would be SO perfect!!

  431. Ashlee Schnell #

    The LO would love this book, but possibly I would love it more!

  432. Jude #

    I know a lot of kids who would love this.

    Fingers crossed…..

  433. Min #

    My kids already love your craftiness on here, I’d love a copy of the print works!

  434. Saran Benjamin #

    My nephew would have great fun with this book.

  435. Sally H #

    Great ideas for keeping my 3 year old occupied on those rainy afternoon.

  436. lucy clark #

    sorry left my message on your popcorn thread it read………

    This looks like something for my niece whos just got in to crafting with her nan :)Thank you and good luck to all !!

  437. helenb #

    great competition the book sounds great fun

  438. Emma Howard #

    I’d love to win this for my son

  439. claire woods #

    My son has to make a hat using recycled material so perhaps this book could give me some ideas on what to use.



  441. Far #

    Awesome giveaway!

  442. …I really would like to win one!!
    Thank you!

  443. Thanks for the opportunity, and also for the blogs, it is wonderful.

  444. Marissa McDonald #

    Love the colors. I never win anything!

  445. Victoria Boland #

    Please enter me in the draw,

  446. Yea! How fun, and congrats on the book :)

  447. Ewa #

    Congrats on a lovely blog. Would love to win:D!

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    Great Blog! I would love to win!

  449. House of pinheiro #

    Looks very creative

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    Oooh! I would love to win your book!!!

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    Just getting into crafting with my son and your book looks amazing.

  452. Sam #

    I love your ideas! Having your book would be a great addition to our craft-time.

  453. allison hockett #

    I would love to have one to get ideas to keep my 3 kids entertained!! I just discovered you today and this site looks amazing!

  454. Prilla #

    For someone like me who really isn’t crafty or good with coming up with fresh art ideas for young kids, your blog has been my inspiration. So just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant things you create and for sharing them with everyone. Oh and the book looks just beautiful.

  455. amanda #

    my 3 yr old saves everything (trash) to make into a “remote control car.” this could give him some new ideas!

  456. Cassy #

    I love your blog, always found it so fun and interesting c:

  457. Shana #

    Ooh…pick me! pick me!

    This book has been on my wish list since I learned it was available! Congrats on publishing it!

  458. N Paola Rueda M #

    It´s really amazing find a book like this! i love DIY projects but more than this i love DIY toys! Congrats! i´ll love to have your book! ;) can I? please?

  459. Your book looks fabulous and I’d be stoked to score a copy!

  460. Viktorija #

    I would love a copy :). xx

  461. KarlaAnne #

    Have kids……Love projects…..Need projects…..Thanks for the opportunity!

  462. George Spedding #

    Books that help young ones with making craft objects is just great

  463. laura banks #

    lovely prize looks fantastic

  464. Looks great, I would like to have the book :)

  465. Kirsty C #

    What a wonderfully generous giveaway. I love the look of the planes on the front cover. I work in a pre-school and this would be an amazing resource to add to our craft area, so please include me in the draw. Many thanks.

  466. Victoria Leedham #

    I think my four would love this! X

  467. Stacy Fenemore #

    my son and I would hae a huge amount of fun :-) x

  468. Martina #

    Please, enter me!

  469. Great giveaway! :D

  470. Amanda Cathro #

    Help! Winter is fast approaching, we are retreating indoors.
    So much rain, we need lots of ideas and inspiration to keep our toddler busy.
    I would love to win a copy.
    Amanda Cathro

  471. I´d love to have one, keeping my fingers crossed!:-)

    /Tanja (Sweden)

  472. Andrea Wright #

    Wow! I was excited to hear about this giveaway. I’d love, love, love to have a copy of your book! Thank you to Eviroco!!!

  473. Phoebe Quinlivan #

    Am onstantly inspred by your creations..and your ability to get it all online! You’re fab!!

  474. Stella #


    I recently found your website and I think it is adorable! You have the cutest posts!

    I am 14 years old and I love everything you post and I want to try all of it!

    I would love to win your book!!!

  475. linda curtis #

    this is fab would love to win one x

  476. I love your blog so a copy of your book would be brilliant.

  477. suan #

    Ideal for the summer holidays

  478. Angela Wilcox #

    Looks great! My kids & I would love this :D

  479. ewa #


    Moi qui aime tant venir glaner des idées : un livre c’est idéal!! Les enfants approuvenet aussi!


    I like so come on this internet site to “take” somme ideas : a book is ideal!!!” Kids are ok too!

    Ewa and minieco’company (Thelma, Yahn, Sarah, Mathieu, Pénélope)

  480. ginny #

    would love to win a copy.It feels so good to repurpose things with crafts/

  481. Ang Campbell #

    T’was slightly dissapointed to open my email from yourself in anticipation for the next eco crafty gem…only to find none!! :( Although upon further reading (whilst trying not to panic at my loss of my regular crafty enlightenment fix) I was thrilled to see your competition!! Hurrah!! :D

  482. lydia #

    this looks like a super idea for my eco 8 year old!

  483. Hayley Fountain #

    this book looks great, thanks for the giveaway x

  484. sarah oztoprak #

    thanks, please enter me

  485. Paula Morgan #

    What a generous giveaway. Love your blog. Fingers crossed.x

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    hi this book looks brilliant, we’re a very crafty family (in the gd way ;)) so this would be perfect for our twins!

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    This would be a great way to solve “I’m bored”-ism. :)

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    I would love to win this.

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    Greetings from Austria, Doris

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    Thank you

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    Pick me :)

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    Thank you, Kate and Enviroco, for this wonderful opportunity! :D

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    It looks FANTASTICO !

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  567. Adiren #

    So colourful, cheery and inspiring! All the bits and bobs would find a home :) (we made a lovely pacman garland using plastic lids for the eyes….looks so good). Thank you!

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    I already have this book in my Amazon cart, and will be buying it as a gift for a mama friend, but I’d love to get it for free too! Awesome work.

  569. Gaelle #

    i love your blog… i’m sure i would love your book too! so i have to try!

  570. Bernie #

    Trying to be a crafty Mum, enjoy it and would love to get better, and if it can be eco friendly all the better! Great give away, thanks

  571. Stephanie #

    Wonderful giveaway. I love the work on your blog.

  572. Robyn Clarke #

    I worked for a waste management for a number of years and was shocked by how much rubbish people make, I think this is a great book and a fantastic idea to teach kids to reuse before they throw away.

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    Fantastic crafty projects – i love this website!

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    Looks like a great book!

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    I love crafting and woud be over the moon if I won it! @pandcands

  604. Juli #

    I was so pleased to see you have a book out– I love your projects!

  605. Stephanie #

    I made the pixilated pop up cards for my husband and two boys for Valentines Day. They marvelled at them and have kept them in a special place.
    I love the colour and your graphic eye in all your projects. They look great and are deceptively easy to make at home.
    I’d love to try more of your projects…….

  606. F. #

    Your projects are wonderful, and I’m envious that you have found a way to make a living off of creating them!! Thank you for sharing on your blog.

  607. Dear Kate,

    I am So excited to have found your link on FB today, Just in time to enter the draw. :)

    Please enter me in the draw, I am always looking for new ideas, for I run a playgroup. Is it possible to get your book in Australia as I am sure that we are going to need many copies once I start sharing your stunning ideas with the Mums at our playgroup.

    Thankyou for entering Holy Terrors Playtime in the draw, and I wish everyone entered all the Best! :)

  608. Megan #

    My boys would love, love, love this book!

  609. Laurie #

    Very generous of Enviroco. Can’t wait to see the book, whether I win one or buy one!

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  611. Lu #

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    Thank you


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  615. Samantha Wesley #

    What a fantastic book, please enter me into your draw :)

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    My daughter is just coming to the age of crafting and has really enjoyed the crafts we have done. Please enter me in the draw. Thanks.

  617. My niece will be 4 in june and I’d give her a nice gift. Please enter me into your draw. Thanks

  618. Many Congratulations for the book! I follow your blog regularly and its filled with fabulous ideas and pictures :) I work in an International school and would love to do these projects with kids.

  619. Kylie Meller #

    I would love to win your book to share with my kids.

  620. amalia #

    Please enter me into your draw. Thanks you!!

  621. Jacqueline #

    comment!! :)

  622. Deborah #

    We got your book out of the library and it’s great. We made the raspberry and cocoa playdough at the weekend and they are super. THANKS.

  623. elena #

    i love your site and crafting! i am from Russia, Moscow! ) would love to get this book!!

  624. Gemma Clark #

    This looks like something my daughter and I could have so much fun with! Please enter me into the draw x

  625. sally hall #

    yes please enter me.

  626. Sarah Cooper #

    Looks a wonderful book!

  627. Krysta Sewell #

    I can’t wait to try this with the grandkids!!

  628. Shawnna #

    I love this site!! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  629. Carol Masterton #

    Please enter me in the draw. Not to play the pity card but I fell over at my wedding reception on Friday and damaged cartilage in my knee meaning I couldn’t go on honeymoon with my new husband. So pretty pretty please, I need something nice to do with my nephew to keep boredom at bay!

  630. Kay #

    Love your blog. All my friends have active and creative children. This will be great in planning things to make and do with them when they visit us. :)

  631. Caroline #

    Just found your website! Very excited to try out some of these with children I babysit for :)

  632. Cardinal #

    Trying to do more homemade stuff with my four-year-old twins; this lovely book would help us towards that goal!

  633. anita roberts #

    please enter me thank you

  634. Kuli #

    Great prize. Count me in.

  635. marian #

    Hi. I amwriting you from Argentina.
    It is always nice to get yoour newslater. I have 3 girls, and really enjoy thinking which is the next work to do…

    good luck to you, and to me!

  636. Dee #

    Hello Kate, such a fanastic blog you have, filled with lots of inspiration, I wish i could win a copy of that juicy looking book of yours, Please enter me into the draw… and thank you for bringing us new projects, Love to you and the children x

  637. Karina #

    Wow! This book looks like tons of fun!

  638. Lucy #

    This book looks fab- please enter me into the draw…

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