Book winners // new project in progress!

A huge thanks to all those who entered the giveaway. I was genuinely gob-smacked by the amount of comments ^_^

Anyway, without further ado, the winners are Victoria Leedham, Debbie Reed, Sarah Prescod, VJ, Ang Campbell, bmerry, Gates, Pam (Pamela B), Caroline S & Fran Light. The lovely Liam from Enviroco will have already emailed you. If you haven’t heard anything yet then do contact me.

(For all of those interested I used a wordpress plugin called “and the winner is…” to draw the winners).

Apologies to all those that didn’t win this time. I genuinely wish I had a copy to send to everyone. If you still fancy taking a peek at my book you can see details about retailers in this post…otherwise you can enquire at your local library.

I have been working on some simple paper-cut gems this week…I’m still trying to decide what to do with them…I’ll report back next week with a proper tutorial! Do comment if you have any ideas!

Happy Wednesday all x



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  1. Mobile? Garland? (great for a bling theme party :-), with a pinata shape as a gem as well) Also it would be nice for a shadow puppet show.

    • Kate #

      Thanks Mary…I had thought mobile and garland too!

  2. ah, i see stencils for a wall border or a tshirt.
    i see decoupage over unwaxed tissue paper on paper bins, toy chests, lamp shades!

    • Kate #

      haha…glad you had lots of ideas…I did too…i think too many in fact…that’s why I got a bit stuck…indecision….indecision!

  3. Hope it’s ok that I featured your blog on my blog today. Love all your projects!

    • Kate #

      Hi Sansku…do let me know the link…the one you left takes me to an empty blog…..thanks for the kind words ^_^

  4. Anne Laure #

    A quick thank you for the giveaway and the opportunity you and your sponsor gave us!
    I can’t be too sad I didn’t win because your book will get to me one way or another ;))
    As far as the gems are concerned, I think they look great and so cute! I definitely see myself making a lovely mobile with them…

    • Kate #

      Hi Anne…sorry you didn’t win :(

      You could try your local library ^_^

  5. Ang Campbell #

    Eeek! Thank you so much, opened my emails after a very long day to a lovely email from said Liam! Can’t wait to get stuck in with the kids – giving them the chance to make their own decisions, browse and pick a craft to do of their own choosing. Thanks again! :) :) :)

  6. Diane #

    Over at A Little Hut, the blogger has taken shapes such as these and cut several identical ones, about an inch and a half or two in diameter, glued them together for firmness, and made a pendant.

    • Kate #

      thanks Diane….will check it out….it sounds similar to a project I saw on howaboutorange recently ^_^

  7. Hi Kate! Yay! Just waiting for a couple more addresses and all your lovely books will be winging their way to your lucky winners :)

    What a great competition! Over 640 entrants! Woweee!

    Thank you so much, and keep up the fab blog.

    Liam x

  8. hi, I saw this very fun and decorative project over on design sponge using geomatric shapes for 3d wall art…here’s the link to it:
    your shapes (though not 3D) could be used!

  9. Jennifer J #

    Stained glass windows with tissue paper!

  10. How about using them as cake stencils…. place them on top of the cake, carefully sprinkle over icing sugar, then gently lift off. Edible geometric gems!

  11. I like the idea of a glittery cake! Congratulations to the winners : )

  12. Lauren #

    Hi! Why not use those stunning paper gems for something jubilee related? A crown perhaps? They would also look great as some original bunting!

  13. Hi Kate, just a quick message to say books ordered this morning. Should be arriving towards the end of this week or early next. Congrats to the lucky 10! :)

    • Kate #

      Yay! Thanks Liam ^_^

  14. Caroline S #

    Hi Kate (and Liam), just wanted to say thanks so much for my lovely book which the postie just delivered! So beautiful and really inspiring. Will definitely come in handy for those ‘what shall we do today?’ days!

    • Kate #

      Yay Caroline…so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Kate ^_^

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