My book ^_^

Yey! My book has finally been released. The whole process has taken over a year and, at times, I really didn’t think I would get there! It’s wonderful to finally be able to show you some pictures, and also to feel a bit more relaxed about the whole thing.

The book is called “eco-friendly crafting with kids” and contains 35 step-by-step projects for preschool kids and adults to create together. (Even though the book is aimed at preschoolers the projects would also be suitable for 5, 6 & 7 year olds).

Eco-friendly crafting with kids

I picked a fairly random set of images to show you…I was finding it hard to choose. The book really does look stunning, largely due to the efforts of photographer Carloyn Barber, stylist Liz Belton and Designer Sonya Nathoo.

Eco-friendly crafting with kids. Copyright © Ryland Peters & Small Ltd

The book is split into eight sections; homemade materials, music, nature, recycling bin, paper and card, sewing and threading, science and boredom busters.

Eco-friendly crafting with kids

I would love for you to buy a copy if you like the look of it *^_^*. You can purchase one at,,, barnes & noble (and many other places). You can also order it from the book depository (which does free worldwide delivery) and lots of other websites! (btw my Australian pals and I use the book depository to send presents to one another and we’ve always been really happy with the service!)

Eco-friendly crafting with kids

Eco-friendly crafting with kids

Eco-friendly crafting with kids

Images excerpted from “eco-friendly crafting with kids” by Kate Lilley. Photography Copyright © Ryland Peters & Small Ltd. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.



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  1. Oh how exciting – it looks amazing! I’ll definitely be buying one! x

    • WOW_congratulations Kate! This book looks sooooo amazing! The photography is just beautiful!

  2. Congrats! Beautiful, as always:)

    • C.A.B. #

      I agree! It is very beautiful!

  3. Hi Kate
    The book looks AMAZING. I am definitely buying a copy (or two, great as a present).

  4. Kate #

    Ooooh thanks all for the lovely comments (*blushing*). The people at Ryland Peters and Small really did do a great job. Beautiful styling and photography throughout! I’m very chuffed.

  5. Congrats!! The book looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  6. “Only 1 left in stock–order soon (more on the way).” according to Amazon US. I’ll save it for a mom with an awesome kid. ;D CONGRATS GIRLY! I’m so glad you finally got the book published.

    • Kate #

      Thanks Stephanie!

  7. julie #

    I love your site, so pre-ordered a copy of the book from (in Canada), and it just arrived! It’s beautiful – congratulations!

    • Kate #

      Oooo thanks Julie…I’m really happy that you like it. Glad you managed to get it from…i’ll update my post :)

  8. Congrats! I just checked and while Amazon Germany doesn’t carry it yet they do have it available through several marketplace sellers. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!


  9. Lovely! How exciting for you! The photographs are amazing!
    I’m ordering this asap :)


  10. Anjanette #

    I just got your email update a few minutes ago about the book and like magic I have purchased it. I am sooooo excited to have it arrive! Yours is one of my most absolute favorite sites on the web and congratulations on the book! My kids and I will have hours of fun I am certain!

    • Kate #

      Thanks for all the kind words Anjanette…thanks also for buying the book ;-)

  11. Sarah davies #

    Congratulations. It looks amazing and I have just brought a copy. Cannot wait to get!!!!!!

    • Kate #

      Many thanks Sarah ^_^

  12. Oh that is just so exciting, what wonderful news!!! I can just imagine what an awesome riot of color your book must be!!!

  13. It looks great!
    I am really glad (from the pics you have shown) that your style shines through.
    can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

    • Kate #

      Thanks Jojoebi…the lovely folks at RPS worked really hard to keep in in the style of the site which I was really pleased about….

  14. This is fantastic!! I am so happy for you. Congratulations. I will be so proud to share the word.

  15. Hi! We sent you an email. Can you please check it? Love your book btw! I actually got an advanced copy!! :)

    • Kate #

      Hi Kelly…I replied…let me know if you got the images…they may be too big??

  16. Congrats, I love your blog and as a Brit in Canada I’m going to check out too

  17. Oh congratulations Kate!! I look forward to getting a copy!! It looks fantastic! Well done.

  18. Comgratulations. The photos and cover looks awesome

  19. Lapkina #

    Super! Congratulations!!! I would like to get one!!!

  20. Wow – it looks fantastic. I’m off to amazon right now!

  21. congratulations! very nice edition & very beautiful fotos! is this for big kids too? :) i put it in my list of things i want to buy!

    • Kate #

      Hi evdokia,

      This book specifically for little kids…specifically preschoolers! Hoping to do a ‘big kid’ book (aka adult book) one day :)

  22. Wow congratulations on release of the book! Hope it goes down well with both big and small kids alike : )

  23. Congrats, Kate!! Can’t wait to have it in my hands!! It’ll be a success!!

  24. That. Is. So. Cool! What a collection! Love the colors and unified presentation, as always. All the best to you!

  25. Hi Kate, We got your book in the mail today. It is, of course, FABULOUS. The girls and I looked through it with care and tagged lots of things we want to try – the paints, chalk, airplanes, kaleidoscope, marble maze (my favourite) and poppers (the girls’ favourite) are high on our list. But, I have to tell you, I squealed like a little girl when I saw you listed Curly Birds in the directory page. Thank you!

    Congratulations on such a lovely book – what an accomplishment.

    • Kate #

      Hi Helen,

      So happy you are enjoying the book.

      No worries on the directory page mention…genuinely love your blog and have been visiting it for a long time now so it definitely deserves to be there!

      Hope all well with you and yours…hope you all had a lovely Easter :-)

  26. It looks great and I think will be a fabulous edition to my collection of Girl Guide resources. Love that you’ve been able to publish the fabbo ideas you come up with.

  27. Pam #

    Congratulations Kate xo

  28. Kate! This is great news! We’ll feature you again and spread the news of the book! We’re happy for you! Hugs and love from the Ecomaker team.

  29. Wow Kate! The book looks amazing & I am so excited for you:) I will definitely be ordering a copy! Be sure to let me know if you would like to come visit Oh My! Handmade to promote your new book & tell us about your journey from blog to bookland:)

    Hooray for you & mini-crafters everywhere!

  30. can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy! Looks gorgeous, Kate!

  31. w #

    How exciting!!!! it looks truly amazing :)

  32. Wowww!! congratulations!!!
    Your book looks stunning!!
    Wow…I’m jumping for you! :)

  33. Congratulations!!! How exciting and about time.
    We will be having a good look at this and your fabby ideas. I am sure all art teachers could do with a copy. Also, love your web site, it’s well laid out and your photos are so appealing.x

  34. mand markey #

    you are amazing amazing amazing!!!! we just bought the book-yay book dep indeed!!!! you are so fab kate!! x

  35. Congratulations, Kate! The crafts look so engaging and I love the deeper message that comes through with the eco-focus. And the photos are just gorgeous!

  36. I like the look your book (and blog). A lot!

  37. This is great!! it looks amazing.
    what a good work!!!!

  38. Kate #

    Thanks everyone!

  39. Jhsu #

    I learned about your website and book from your interview on my XM Satellite Radio on NPR (last week in California) while driving in the car. Upon returning home I couldn’t wait to check out your beautiful website and order your book. Keep up the wonderful work.

    • Kate #

      Hi Jhsu, haha…glad someone was listening….I was really nervous so glad it didn’t put you off visiting the site!

      Thanks for all your well-wishes…and thanks too for buying the book ^_^

      Cheerio for now

  40. Hi Kate

    What a magnificent book! We have recently opened a store in Hong Kong for mums and children up to 6/7 and we would LOVE to stock your book. Could you please advise the best way for us to do this?


  41. Hello. İt’s very interesting book. İ like it very very much. İ like your blog too. İ already like origami. İ am a math teacher at a secondery School in Turkey and i use origami in my lessons . Also i have two sons one of 27 , one of 3 monts. Now i am searching for this book in internet. İ hope i can buy it.
    İ apologize my english:))

    • Kate #

      Hello, thanks for the message. Please don’t apologies for your English…it is very good!

      If you are still interested you can buy the book from the

      It’s an British site but does free worldwide delivery.

      Good luck with your sons. Mine are 5 & 3 now and great fun…(and full of energy!).

      Kate ^_^

      • Thank you very much.
        There are two years between my sons too. I hope we will have great fun too. beacuse now its very diffucult.
        Thanks again and see you other messages…

        • Kate #

          Yeah it is tough…only 15 months between my two boys. My youngest son didn’t like sleeping much so the first couple of years were pretty hard!! Much easier now though! Sleep is a wonderful thing. My sons now love to fight but equally enjoy one another’s company. My husband and I like one another again too…which is nice…haha!!

          Have a fun weekend.
          Kate ^_^

  42. Sandi Hodge #

    I just wanted to send you a note about your book, or what I can tell just by the web page.
    I was so saddened to hear that you had a giveaway with the prize being your book!
    Anyway’s, Thank You so much for your knowledge of oh so many things.
    I really do appreciate your mind.
    Take care of you.
    Thanks again,

    Sandi Hodge
    523 Bermuda Dr
    Lake Wales,Fl.
    dandyonthelake on Pinterest

  43. finally ı have your book. ıt take 3 monts come to Turkey:)) but its very interesting and ı am very happy:)),
    see you

    • Kate #

      Hi Nurçin…I can’t believe it has taken so long to arrive! Many thanks for your patience…I’m glad you like it.
      Kate ^_^

  44. Al #

    I have been to so many websites for crafts for children.
    I am beyond happy to have found your website!
    I love the layout of the site; easy to manage and very colourful!
    Continue doing what you do as it is amazing!
    You have yourself a new follower!

  45. Alesha #

    I really love the way you turn the stuff others throw away into masterpieces. I first got to your page through my Art course where I have to write about you and I can assure you that writing and doing the research about you is really interesting! When looking through my artists booklet your jewellery really stood out! To design eco friendly jewellery and art is a brilliant idea as it is a brandnew idea. It inspires and refreshes today’s art! Thank you for being a great subject to write about!

  46. Hi! I just picked this up at the library. I love it because the crafts are pretty easy and yet very cool! We have already done the paper airplane launch, and the pom-pom launcher, and I’m working on the castle and play dough next! Thanks so much.

  47. Donna #

    Congratulations Kate,
    Can’t wait to buy it and use it.
    You definitely have a God given talent!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  48. Debra #

    The photo’s above are enticing. Congratulations.

  49. Kay Kay #

    My old co-worker bought this for me as a gift since she knew I loved your website. It’s so awesome! I’m a children’s librarian so it’s a wonderful resource. The first day I got it at work, I whipped up an activity during my program in such little time. The kids LOVED the paper airplane. Thank you!

  50. Melissa #

    I love it <3
    i'm almost 18 year old and i still love to make the diamonds.

    I'll definetly go make some with my little cousin.

  51. thank you for this picture ! ^_^

  52. Ewa #

    Book is great! I love it! But I can’t find templates on website :-/

    • Kate #

      Hi Ewa,

      The URL for the templates is in my book on the first templates page.

      Let me know if you have any further problems

      Kate x

  53. Hello!

    We are a book publisher in Brazil and we have the task of producing content for education.
    Therefore, we would like to use one picture of your blog (Pencil crayon jewelry for designmom) in one of our didactic books.
    What is the procedure to get permission to use the image?
    We are open to any additional information and awaiting his return.

    Danielle de Alcântara Farias
    Departamento de Iconografia – Editora Saraiva
    Rua Henrique Schaumann, 270 15º Andar – CEP 05413-010
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  54. I love the book concept and design. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement!

  55. I like the look your book

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