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Paper-cut gems

It’s been a hectic week and I haven’t got as much done as I wanted (in the way of craft!). I thought I would get these paper gem templates up and then maybe you could make something with them if you fancied?

Papercut gems

I had lots of really great suggestions as to what to do with them so thanks for the input (see comments section in previous post). I started making a garland as you can see…it looks cool! I do think they would make great stencils though…and lovely gift toppers.

Papercut gems

You could make a cool jubilee garland too…just switch the colours to red/white/blue…(everyone in the UK is getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee this weekend….I’ve never as much bunting in my entire life!).

Papercut gems

Anyway, here are the templates. Happy chopping. (If you do use them I would love to see some pictures ^_^)


35 thoughts on “Paper-cut gems

  1. Hi Candice….I just used a craft knife…there are only straight line so easy to do freehand…you could use a ruler though.

    Thanks for the link…the necklace is very cute indeed.

    Cheerio for now
    Kate ^_^

  2. Hi Shay…yes I didโ€ฆthe straight lines are fairly easy to do freehandโ€ฆyou could use a ruler though ^_^

  3. Hi B!

    I really like your clock…it looks ace. *Pat on the back*

    You sound a little like me…I loved the gems too but wasn’t sure what to do with them ^_^

    Hope the weather is cheering up in your part of the world!

  4. Your creativity is awesome. I just love so many of your projects. Just discovered your blog yesterday as a link from another blog, and have been busy trying to see it all. Thanks for sharing your talent, ideas and templates.

    I tried printing the paper-cut gems template but I must be doing something wrong because when I try to print it, all I get is a blank page with your text at top and bottom of the page, but no patterns. I noticed the images are very light on the computer screen, and my printer is not allowing me to print it any darker.If you have a solution, please let me know.


  5. Hi Evelyn.

    Thanks for the kind words ^_^

    Have you tried saving the pdf to your computer then printing it out? Also can you let me know what version of Acrobat Reader you are using.

    Let me know if you are still having problems and I will email you a new template.

    Have a nice weekend
    Kate ^_^

  6. I loooove these!!! I have found myself recently obsessed with geometric shapes. I want to put them on wood. Thank you for this template I will definitely be creating some things this weekend.

  7. OH my, you are so talented and creative. I am so happy to find such an amazing site. I will definitely introduce more people to your amazing crafts. You are truly inspiring, thank you so much. and good luck with more crafts!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I was wondering the same! Thanks for your answer. This craft activity is so cool! Will definitely decorate my room with that after I remove the xmas decoration ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Hello

    Just discovered your site and i love it! I tried to print out this template but i can barely see the lines on my paper. Is is possible to create a template more darker? That would be great ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Keep up the cool work!!

  10. I really admire your creativity, such nice ideas!
    Have you any trick to do these diamonds on black paper where the pattern can’t be visable when you print it? Maybe there is no other way than to make a white one to use as a cutting-template?

  11. Hi Tine…I can’t think of a way I’m afraid. Have you tried printing it on black? Sometimes black paper is not true black and you can still make out the lines…you may have to squint though. Good luck ^_^

  12. Hi Kate,

    thanks for this wonderful design. I really love your blog and for the last few months I wanted to try sth. out. a few days ago i finally decided to pimp up my cabinet door. I also blogged about it, unfortunately in german, because my english skills are quite poor but there are at least pictures in it. it’s a diy but of course i refer to your blog. thanks again <3

  13. Hey!
    Great template! I used it and cut out all of the gems and they were very cute. But I noticed that there are some more gems on the picture that are not in the template and I would really, REALLY like to cut them, too! Do you think you can perhaps make a template for them, too? It will help a ton!

  14. Hi Amanda,

    I empathise. Unfortunately I can’t really come up with a good alternative to a craft knife. That’s why a lot of my tutorials are in the adult craft category.

    Sorry I can’t give you any ideas

    Kate ๐Ÿ™

  15. Would it be all right if I used these gem templates for embroidery patterns? With the understanding that most of the pieces would be sold. I can certainly link to your website on the price tag.

  16. Hi. I am so happy to have found your template for gems! Thank you very much! I decided to make every model bigger (A4 size each), transfer to a black adhesive paper and cut it with a penknife. Then I framed some of them. I really like the result, so thanks again for your wonderful work

  17. As an avid crafter myself, I completely understand those hectic weeks where time just slips away. Your paper gem templates look fantastic, and I’m already brimming with ideas for how to use them! From garlands to stencils and gift toppers, the possibilities are endless. It’s wonderful to see the creative community coming together with suggestions. I can’t wait to dive in and experiment with these templates. Thanks for the inspiration! AI like Google Bard (now Gemini) and ChatGPT are also great resources for sparking creativity and generating new ideas.

  18. I’m thrilled to see these paper gem templates! Despite a hectic week, it’s refreshing to take a moment for creativity. Your garland is indeed cool; I can imagine it adding a touch of whimsy to any space. I’m drawn to the idea of using them as stencils, perhaps to decorate some plain notebooks or jazz up a plain wall. Thanks for sharing your crafty journeyโ€”I’m inspired to dive into my own creative projects now!

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