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Giveaway ♥ OKIDO magazine

I‘m dead excited to be doing a giveaway for four issues of OKIDO magazine. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll agree it makes a refreshing change to the other kids’ mags on the market.

Okido magazine

If you haven’t come across this cool little magazine before then here are the facts:

♥ OKIDO is an art and science magazine for children aged 2-7 years-old.
♥ OKIDO magazine is educational and fun.
♥ OKIDO stimulates scientific ideas through art, play and experimentation.
♥ Messy Monster, Squirrel Boy, Yoga Monkey and Zim Zam Zoom among others fire the imagination, stir curiosity and inspire inventiveness by engaging children in lively scientific inquiry and arts activities.

Okido magazine

Each issue is a little work of art and what I like most is that it’s funny! My eldest son (3.5) and I have been reading the ‘Body Noises’ edition together and it’s been a right laugh. He’s happy to discuss farting and burping till the cows come home….!

Okido magazine

You can buy OKIDO in WHSmiths and Waterstones (UK). You can also buy it worldwide…check out their stockists page. If you are struggling to find it near you then do subscribe. I reckon it would make an ace present.

If you wish to enter the giveaway then please leave a comment below…it’s that easy!

Remember only one entry per person. Entries close on the 15th December and I’ll draw the winner on the 16th. Good luck everyone!

Thank you for all the entries everyone! This giveaway is now closed

61 thoughts on “Giveaway ♥ OKIDO magazine

  1. Clumsy L – yes no problem… can buy the magazine across the globe and I’m happy to send the prize wherever.

  2. Yes, bodily noises would probably appeal to most of my family members… This magazine looks great. I hope we win!

  3. I am an art teacher currently teaching for a home school organization – this would give lots of new ideas and projects for my students as well as projects for my own children

  4. I was just looking for something more than the usually yucky mag for girls that has lots of toys and junk.

  5. Wow I just came across your site tonight for the first time and I LOVE it. I’ve never seen this magazine for kids before – my son would love it too!

  6. This sounds great for my kid and it´s aditional value for me as an english language practice! I would love to win to learn more about it and maybe i´d susbcribe.

  7. What an absolute delight, I love that this mag steers away from brands and explores the world around us. My boys would be enthralled to have such a great mag in their precious little hands.

  8. I think my little one who’s almost 4 would absolutely love this magazine. Thanks for sharing about this, I had never heard about it before.

  9. I’ve heard of this magazine, but haven’t actually looked at one. I didn’t know the age range. Thanks for such a great opportunity! This is my first time to your blog (found a link from Obedoh). I’m looking forward to peeking around.

  10. So nice to see magazines which aren’t attached to loads of useless plastic tat. My kids get magazines as a very rare treat but I could envisage bying something like this more often as it has some substance!

  11. I took my 6 year old to the launch of Okido’s opening of their Doodle Bar last year – it was great fun, and we have been a fan ever since. She would love these mags as a prize, and is very much into science, and scientific experiments! Fingers crossed 😀

  12. What a cool mag! Kids love getting parcels in the mail – a subscription would make a great gift from granma 🙂

  13. All three of my kids LOVE arty things and although this is aimed at 2-7 year olds, even my eldest who is nearly 11 would love this magazine. What a great idea, as something so different to all the usual magazines that I usually try to drag my kids away from! Will definitely look out for this one in WH Smith’s though! :o)

  14. Anything to get little bottoms off couches and parents inspired to play is a beautiful idea!
    We’ve done you’re naturally coloured playdoh, coloured beads, paper chains and I’d love to make the little ankle bells but can’t knit, so will outsource to Santa.

    I can only imagine that a magazine recommended on your blog would be just as brilliant as everything you do yourself (is it possible??!!)

    Keep up this wonderful resource. We are always looking forward to your next project.

  15. My three boys would love this. As would my class of reception children and the children in my art workshops!

    I had never seen or heard of it before, thank you.

  16. wow!looks really interesting!!perfect for stimulating kids minds,esp in this very electronic age………….my kids will thoroughly enjoy it!

  17. This would be great, since there is a blizzard outside! Looks like winter is officially here!

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