Feed the birds…….

Well the weather outside is frightful…so we decided to made some munchies for our feathered friends!

We got this birdcake recipe from the RSPB website. Check it out. I love their ‘make and do’ section. Can I just underline the fact that it’s better not to melt the lard – if you do it leaks through the hole in the yoghurt pot and runs everywhere – I speak from (a very messy) experience!

I also made some strings of popcorn and sunflower seeds to hang in our bushes. Birds love popcorn apparently (not microwave popcorn though because that has too much salt and butter etc).

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12 thoughts on “Feed the birds…….

  1. Wonderful thought for this time of year. And such fun to hang it within view of a window so kids can sit quietly and warmly inside watching the birds feed.

    Here are some alternatives: http://craftingparties.com/classic-pinecone-bird-feeder/

    I wonder if you embedded the string and then removed the plastic cup when the fat solidifies if it would be easier for the birds to feed?

    One year when we were young and poor and didn’t have any proper decorations for a Christmas tree, my husband and I made strings of popcorn and cranberries and we hung slices of oven dried orange and apples on it with hemp garden ties. After Christmas we put the whole thing outside in a snowbank for the birds to feed from. it’s really a lovely memory and I thank you for provoking it. ;>

  2. Hi Rainey…such a lovely comment. Even though you were skint it sounds pretty romantic!!

    I tried the pinecone feeder…again with melted lard….what a mess. I have since read that you can smear them with peanut butter then roll them in the birdseed – sounds like a better idea to me. (As is the case in the link you mentioned).

    Yep – you can remove the pots….you can also put a lollipop sticks next to the pot to act as a perch. Check this site out: http://www.sussexwt.org.uk/wildlife/page00029.htm

    Next time we’ll do this I reckon.

    Thanks again for such a great comment…I was actually gonna put strings of popcorn on my christmas tree – which is how I got the idea for putting them out for the birds!

    1. I melt lard add hanger dip and hang over cookie sheet. When lard hardens slightly, shake in bag with seed. I do 5 at a time, large bag. Leave in bag, roll top up and place in cold to harden. When set, walk out and hang them. Mess less!! I purchased a single electric burner and extension cord. I do this outdoors if its not bitter cold. I use cotton string as many birds like orioles love making nests from fiber. Wire clothes hangers work great for string up the dipped cones, and a used wooden laundry dryer is a score for this if you are doing this outdoors!
      Be one with the birds!!

  3. These are so lovely! You continue to inspire me and it is always a treat to visit this wonderful space of yours. I am so eager to try this for our plump little birds. They will be delighted! I hope this finds you all well!

  4. Hi Cathryn…I thought the seeds were fine…not too hard. I just got them from a big bag of wild bird seed that I bought from the supermarket. Its a bit of a faff so maybe the popcorn strings are easier. Do try the yoghurt pot feeders, or pinecone feeders….so easy to make and the birds will love you forever.

    Check out my paper decorations….very cheap and cheerful. If you scout around on the web you’ll find loads of ideas for ‘free’ xmas decorations. A simple star made of twigs, pinecones, driftwood etc etc. They would all look pretty cool on your bush.

    I think having a ‘bird-tree’ in the back garden is a glorious idea…

    Wishing you all the best this Christmas.

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  6. Can you email how to do it without melting the lard? I’m not sure how to go about it.


    1. Hi Sandi,

      Just let the lard soften (leave it out to reach room temperature) then mash all the ingredients together. Hope that helps!

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