Homemade pavement chalk

Homemade chalkMaking pavement chalk is really easy, lots of fun and the end result provides you with a brilliant excuse to get outside.

To make your chalk will need:

♥ Plaster of Paris (one cup)
♥ Water (one cup)
♥ Powdered tempera paint
♥ Disposable container
♥ Greaseproof paper
♥ Toilet rolls
♥ Masking tape

1) Get your toilet roll and tape one end with masking tape to seal it off. Line the inside of the tube with greaseproof paper.

2) Pour the water into your disposable container then sprinkle the plaster on top (generally its a 1:1 ratio but check the instructions on the packet). Start by adding 1 tablespoon of powdered paint to the mixture and give it a good stir. Add more paint if necessary.

3) Stand each tube, taped side down, on a level surface. Pour the mixture in the tube and tap lightly to get rid of any air bubbles.

4) Once the plaster has set you can remove the toilet roll and greaseproof paper. You will need to allow the chalk to dry fully for a few days before using.

TIPS: If the toilet roll tube is a little chunky for your taste then you can split the tube, overlap, then tape to reduce the diameter. You can also use different kinds of molds; ice cube trays and silicon muffin trays make good ones and don’t need lining with paper.

Once you have made your stash of chalk you can do all manner of lovely things:
♥ Play hopscotch
♥ Play bean bag toss
♥ Play noughts and crosses
♥ Draw a brilliant picture
♥ Trace around each others bodies

Remember not to pour Plaster of Paris down the plughole!
Plaster of Paris can get quite hot when setting so make sure little ones are properly supervised.



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  1. mand #

    you are ssssssoooooooo DARN clever!!!!!! xxx

  2. Mindy #

    AWESOME!! But I was wondering, does it wash right off the surface like store bought chalk?

  3. Kate #

    Hi Mindy, yep – straight off!

  4. ElenatheMomandTeacher #

    WOW! Got extremely interested in this idea!!!
    Could you please suggest me- what is a plaster of Paris? not sure i know the russian analog of it). Hope to get all ingridients and make my kids happy!!!!!

  5. Kate #

    Hi Elena,

    I found this translation on the internet – is it of any use?

    Russian обожженнный гипс (plaster of paris), гипс (gypsum, gesso, cast, plaster of paris, alabaster).

  6. This is such a great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. I wanted to make this for the kids so I went to Micheals the craft store and the cost for the materials would have been over 20$ Any suggestions on finding cheap tempra pains and plaster?
    (Live in Canada)

  8. Terry #

    Amanda, if you have a DeSerres near you, they have better prices on tempra paints in great colours and I’d assume the plaster too. Teacher supply stores may have better prices. Also keep in mind a box of Plaster of Paris will probably last you forever, so a Micheals coupon for that might be the way to go. I can’t count how many hand prints and Christmas decorations and napkin rings we’ve made, but my kid’s 16 now and we still have some in the cupboard. (and yes, she occasionally still finds uses for it.)

  9. Hi Kate! You know I love all your ideas. : ) I blogged about your sidewalk chalk today -


    Thank you for the inspiration, as always!!

  10. marlene rangel #

    love your ideas mini, hope you had fun writing you book, thanks for the tips once again,

  11. Dianne #

    may I put this on pintrest?

  12. Kathy #

    Hi, love this idea, do you use a measuring cup? Just wondered what 1 cup was.

    • Kate #

      Hi Kathy….it’s just a standard sized american cup (you can use any amount though, it was just to give you an idea)….just check the mixing instructions on the packet ^_^

  13. Renee #

    I love the idea! My only question is do I need to use tempera paint? What if I just want the chalk to be white? Do I have to add white paint? Sorry if this is a silly question… :)

    • Kate #

      Hi Renee. I have to say I am not entirely sure but my instinct would be to add the white powdered tempera paint. I have a feeling you wouldn’t get very intense color otherwise. Let me know how you get on ^_^

  14. Yuan #

    。。What is

  15. Stacy #

    I bought some chalk at Target that had glitter in it. It made a beautiful sheen on the sidewalk. I may attempt to add some glitter to this recipe to duplicate the cheapy chalk I bought ;) Thanks for the recipe. This will be a great project for my girls while they are out for Christmas break.

  16. Janet #

    Can I use Sandless Grout?

    • Kate #

      Sorry Janet…I really don’t know.

  17. Samantha #

    I made the chalk and they turned out great!!!!!!!!!! I also tried putting them in different shaped molds and they turned out fantastic!!!!!!!

  18. Lyns #

    How many does the recipe make?
    Have you ever done two colors in one? I am doing a strawberry shortcake party and was thinking of doing red/pink/green or half half??

  19. emma #

    the things you make seen to be quite hard i was wondering if you could tell me something that is easier

  20. Tatiana #

    Hi!! Just one question!! Could i use liquid sargeant paint for the coloring instead of powder paint??

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