Lion ‘color-me-in’

My littlest boy (2¼) has finally stopped eating crayons which means we can be a bit more ‘free and easy’ when it comes to leaving them around the house!! In honour of this momentous occasion I designed him a lion ‘color-me-in’ as he just adores them.

Lion 'color-me-in'

I have included some pdf’s at the bottom of this post if you wanted to print them for your little ones. There is a stripy lion and a ‘naked’ one!

Lion 'color-me-in'

I’m working on a few more which i’ll post up as soon as possible.

Crocodile 'color-me-in'

Click here to download the lion ‘color-me-in’
Click here to download the stripy lion ‘color-me-in’
Click here to download the crocodile ‘color-me-in’



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  1. The lion really looks good.
    And yes I’m interested by a crocodile ‘color-me-in’ because one of my sons is obsessed with crocodiles!

  2. Laura #

    The Lion is really nice!! I’m interested in the crocodile as well!!

  3. Niffabird #

    fantastic! My daughter would LOVE an Autumn one – she’s spending her whole time collecting leaves! Thank you, this is lovely.

  4. Nice! Cant wait to see more.
    Can;t say I blame him for trying to eat the crayons….they sure smell good!

  5. JM #

    I would love it if you shared the crocodile! Thanks!

  6. Kate #

    Thanks all……….more ‘color-me-ins’ coming very soon!

    Peaches – my little one certainly finds the smell irresistible!

  7. Fantastic drawings!!! I can totally picture them on baloons, t-shirts, cardboards-playhouses. I’m looking forward for more.Congrats!!

  8. Kate #

    Thanks Pepy….v sweet of you to say :)

  9. I love these illustrations. Too cute! My children will love coloring them!

  10. Christine #

    They are adorable and I’ve downloaded all three. In fact, the lions are SO fabulous I’m inspired to make lions a theme for my toddler group just for a reason to use them!

    Just curious – why “color me in” rather than ‘colour’?

    • Kate #

      Hi Christine….glad you liked the designs.

      I probably used the american spelling because most of the people that visit my site are american ;-) [I don't always do this though....I'm a bit random I'm afraid].

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