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Hello folks. Hope you have all had a nice week. Before I begin I just wanted to mention that Maggy from Red Ted Art’s is doing a giveaway of my book today so head over there if you want to try and win a copy. (Maggy’s site is full to the brim of kids crafting ideas so good it’s a good place to hang out anyway).

I first saw this party popcorn recipe at shewearsmanyhats.com and was instantly a fan. I adore popcorn and sprinkles so combining the two seemed like a fine idea to me!

Popcorn + Sprinkles

The recipe at shewearsmanyhats.com uses white chocolate as the ‘glue’. I am not actually a huge fan of chocolate so made mine with sugar syrup instead.

Popcorn + Sprinkles

You will need:
♥ Popcorn
♥ caster sugar
♥ water
♥ sprinkles

1. Make your popcorn.
2. Cut out a piece of greaseproof paper and lay it flat on a chopping board. Then lay your popcorn on the top of the greaseproof paper in a thin layer.

Popcorn + Sprinkles

3. To make your sugar syrup combine 1/4 cup of water in a saucepan with 1/8 cup of sugar and cook on a medium to high heat. You should avoid stirring as sugar crystals can form (I did stir mine gently at the beginning and end though). When the mixture starts to take on colour (see image above) remove from the heat. It can turn very quickly at the end so keep a close eye on it.
Please remember: this mixture is extremely hot so please take care! I wouldn’t recommend making it with little ones around

Popcorn + Sprinkles

4. Drizzle your sugar syrup over the popcorn then add your sprinkles. The sugar syrup mixture will cool very quickly so make sure you add your sprinkles right away.

Popcorn + Sprinkles

Yum ^_^ If you have any other ‘popcorn glue’ ideas then do leave a comment below!

Popcorn + Sprinkles


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24 Comments Leave yours

  1. Nicole #

    Oh my! Our family movie nights just got a little more exciting!

  2. I’m going to try this one!!

  3. Leisha #

    What a great idea to make popcorn even more fun. At our house we sometimes have warmed runny honey over popcorn. I think it would make a nice “glue” substitute.

  4. Ange #

    1/2 cup each peanut butter, honey and sugar. Boil honey and sugar til rolling bubble then stir thru pb and rolling boil again…coats popcorn like lolly gobble bliss bombs

    • Kate #

      sounds absolutely lush…gonna try ;-)

  5. so pretty and colourful and cute!

    Betty Bake

  6. my kids love sprinkles! Looks like perfect party food, too. Oh, btw, got your book last week and we already tried a few things (haven’t had a chance to post any yet) and now my son’s preschool teachers are all over the book, too. It’s turned out really great!

    • Kate #

      Hi Hennymats…yep…sprinkles rule!

      Thanks for the positive feedback regarding my book. Very kind of you to drop by and say…I think releasing a book is actually harder than writing one…all a bit nerve-wrecking and hoping it will sell etc etc!

  7. mmm! looks yummy!!!! & has beautiful colors!

  8. Amanda B. #

    Here’s one that I saw on another blog I read – http://www.eatliverun.com/birthday-cake-batter-popcorn/

    Looked VERY addicting!

  9. I’m not keen on white chocolate either! But your version looks lovely, sprinkles are awesome!

  10. Ok, I’m totally trying this. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have kids to feed it to though, right?

    • Kate #

      Nope….I am a big kid at heart and would happily make this for myself. Sprinkles rule!

  11. …nice popcorn!!!

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!:)


  12. Cheryl Lovell #

    Some fab ideas!

  13. lucy clark #

    This looks like something for my niece whos just got in to crafting with her nan :) Thank you and good luck to all !!

  14. Jayne #

    Got to give this a try!

  15. Laura Mason #

    This is so cool… i need to try this..

  16. Woaaaa it’s amazing. I’ll try this tonignt. Thks for the ideas

  17. Dalys #

    Love it, is on the menu for 5 y old’s party next wk xx

    • Kate #

      Thanks D….hope Miss L has a great b’day. Missing you all a heap! x

  18. eve #

    where did you buy the sprinkles from

    • Kate #

      Hi Eve, just the local shops. You can buy cake supplies from ebay if you are struggling to get them where you are ^_^

  19. Cecy #

    With white chocolate or candy melts it’s also ok

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