Hello peeps! A quick Easter printable coming later today…before then I just wanted to show you one of the projects I have been working (for my book!).

I can’t get enough of gradients at the moment and love these Plissé folders by Hay so that’s kinda where the idea for these models came from.

geometric gradient models // by minieco

geometric gradient models // by minieco

The book is going to contain 25 – 30 brand new projects….there will be plenty of papercraft projects but lots of other kinds of projects too! There will also be lots of templates in the book and illustrated step-by-steps (and you will also be able to download full-sized templates from the web too! Yay!). I’m also going to be making videos/animated gif’s for the more complicated projects.

I’m so excited (and a bit tired as well!). Spring is not quite here yet and my two little boys seem to be catching every bug under the sun :-/

Hope all is well with you!

‘Minieco’ the book will be hitting the shelves in September and will be published by Cicada books and distributed by Thames & Hudson. The very talented Garry Maclennan is doing the photography for the book…which is very cool. More information to follow soon…

6 thoughts to “Progress….”

  1. Yay, a book! How exciting for you – and for us.

    Right now I have my pastel and neon decorations hanging on a pussy willow branch – they really brighten up my kitchen.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment Charlotte…glad your decorations look nice ^_^

      Most of the projects in my book are pastel/neon….I’m truly fixated at the moment!

      Have a happy week 🙂

  2. Hello Kate!
    I’m happy that you’re getting your book done! I was wondering if you found an illustrator or is it just going to be photographies!?
    (I sent an email to you more than a month ago about this talented illustrator I knew, I don’t know if you had a chance to look at her portfolio!?)

    always looking forward to your new posts 🙂
    keep up the good work!

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