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Book winners // new project in progress!

A huge thanks to all those who entered the giveaway. I was genuinely gob-smacked by the amount of comments ^_^

Anyway, without further ado, the winners are Victoria Leedham, Debbie Reed, Sarah Prescod, VJ, Ang Campbell, bmerry, Gates, Pam (Pamela B), Caroline S & Fran Light. The lovely Liam from Enviroco will have already emailed you. If you haven’t heard anything yet then do contact me.

(For all of those interested I used a wordpress plugin called “and the winner is…” to draw the winners).

Apologies to all those that didn’t win this time. I genuinely wish I had a copy to send to everyone. If you still fancy taking a peek at my book you can see details about retailers in this post…otherwise you can enquire at your local library.

I have been working on some simple paper-cut gems this week…I’m still trying to decide what to do with them…I’ll report back next week with a proper tutorial! Do comment if you have any ideas!

Happy Wednesday all x

15 thoughts on “Book winners // new project in progress!

  1. ah, i see stencils for a wall border or a tshirt.
    i see decoupage over unwaxed tissue paper on paper bins, toy chests, lamp shades!

  2. Over at A Little Hut, the blogger has taken shapes such as these and cut several identical ones, about an inch and a half or two in diameter, glued them together for firmness, and made a pendant.

  3. Hi Sansku…do let me know the link…the one you left takes me to an empty blog…..thanks for the kind words ^_^

  4. haha…glad you had lots of ideas…I did too…i think too many in fact…that’s why I got a bit stuck…indecision….indecision!

  5. thanks Diane….will check it out….it sounds similar to a project I saw on howaboutorange recently ^_^

  6. Hi Kate! Yay! Just waiting for a couple more addresses and all your lovely books will be winging their way to your lucky winners 🙂

    What a great competition! Over 640 entrants! Woweee!

    Thank you so much, and keep up the fab blog.

    Liam x

  7. Hi! Why not use those stunning paper gems for something jubilee related? A crown perhaps? They would also look great as some original bunting!

  8. Hi Kate, just a quick message to say books ordered this morning. Should be arriving towards the end of this week or early next. Congrats to the lucky 10! 🙂

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