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I‘m not entirely sure who had more fun collecting conkers today. My husband and I or the boys?! Anyway, it was a good laugh and the boys have been playing with them at home for a surprisingly long time.

This morning they have been counting them, sorting them into different containers and sticking googly eyes on them!

My two are still a bit young for playing ‘traditional’ conkers but hopefully next year they will be old enough and my hubby and I will be able to open up the age old debate on the best way to harden them. Suggestions please!

6 thoughts on “Conkers!

  1. Hi Emily, its the seeds of a horse chesnut tree. Kid’s have used the brown fruit for eons to play the game conkers. Basically you make a hole in the conker and thread a shoelace through. You then try to bash your opponents conker to smithereens!!! You can read all about it here:

  2. How can I not love these ? I grew up playing conkers in England, one of my favourite childhood games, hence the name of my blog 🙂

  3. Best way? Drill the hole this year, and then let them sit in a box in the attic for next year. Works like a charm!

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