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Free Fonts #1

Hello! I seem to get a fair bit of email asking about the fonts I use on the site so thought It would be cool to introduce a few of them. I have a heap of really excellent fonts (all free!) so if you wanna see more then leave a comment and maybe it can be a regular kind of thing – well as regular as things get round here!

The three fonts featured are all free and I’m a little in love with each of them. From the top; Sniglet by Haley Fiege, Vanilla by Cutie Explosion and Blackout by Tyler Finck.


Fonts three


Pretty neat eh! Happy downloading.

View more free fonts here.

11 thoughts on “Free Fonts #1

  1. Hi Colleen…that font is called ‘learning curve’ and yes, it’s a-mazing. Will feature that another time! x

  2. Hi, I clicked on the font and it told me to download, so I did. When the dowload was complete I opened the page. The page that is now in front of me simply says ‘the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’ in the font that I choose. How do I now use the letters for my own work? Sorry I am not great at using computers! Thank you.

  3. HI Lucy,

    You will have downloaded a zip file. You need to extract the files from the zip file. To do this right-click on the file and click ‘extract’ or ‘extract all’. An extraction wizard will then pop up > follow the steps. Now you will be able to see your .ttf file….for example sniglet.ttf > on some computers you can simply right-click on the file and press install. On other computers you need to copy the file to your fonts directory which you can usually find in your control panel.

    Let me know if you are still struggling

  4. Thx for the tip 🙂

    The install worked for me for the first two fonts, but the third zip file contains not only .ttf files but also some other files. When i put the .ttf files in the windows folder and try to install them from the control panel they are not recognized 🙁

  5. Kate:
    Thank you for sharing the fonts!!!
    Please make this a regular feature, i love it 🙂
    Greetings from Peru.

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