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{sponsor} smallable

Hello folks. I just wanted to introduce you to my very first sponsor, Smallable.


Deciding whether to remain an ad-free blog has been quite a tough decision to make (as I’m sure fellow bloggers would agree).

I hope that by accepting sponsors I’ll be able to cover my material costs and pay for web hosting so I do hope you understand!

It would be really interesting to hear from other bloggers about how they made the decision to move from being ‘ad-free’ to ‘sponsored’.

Anyway do check out Smallable…they do have a seriously cool selection of products and a great blog so I’m chuffed to bits to be associated with them!

8 thoughts on “{sponsor} smallable

  1. You know what? I’ve actually found that the blogs I follow that have sponsors, have been a great resource should I happen to be in the market for certain items. I mean, if I love the blog, chances are the sponsors will be of interest too. I have found great things through this route that I would otherwise never have been exposed to.

    Now, off to investigate your first sponsor!

  2. I’d never ever leave you for taking on a sponsor (or three), it means that you are able to produce without going to the poorhouse. Sort of.

    I usually loose interest when someone writes posts that are obvious plugs regularly. It’s like reading a local magazine that only writes about the companies that advertise in the copy without rounding out the story. As a former (print) magazine copy editor because it shows a lack of creativity. It really really bugs me.

    However, I totally can’t imagine a lack of creativity here, so bring it on!!! =)

  3. Thanks W-S and Karen for your lovely replies!

    Yep, I agree WS….most of the blogs I visit have sponsors and I often visit the sponsors pages.

    Thanks Karen for promising not to leave me!! Nice to meet your blog btw! Yep…I plan to keep the posts and ads completely separate. I love my blog a bit too much to ‘sell-it-out’ IYKWIM!!

    As a stay at home mum I’ve been supported by my hubby for the last four years which is very cool and he’s kind of been mini-eco’s secret sponsor. Now I have some work it feels really good to be financially contributing again and it will be great if the ads cover the cost of web hosting and a few materials.

    Thanks once again for your thoughts x

  4. Yay! I’m glad you chose to be sponsored. I’d much rather have a blog with ads than a blogger without money!

  5. I think done ethically sponsorship is a really positive thing and I love that your passion can support you. We’re going through lean times and selling ad space on my blog makes a big difference! Kat x

  6. Hey congrats on your sponsorship Kate, it’s a really great achievement to have awesome sponsors banging at your door. Marketing is all about targeted and relevant connections and I’m happy to see these kinds of leads on blogs I love. Nice one. (If it was about body-building supplements and hair-removal I wouldn’t be so sure 😉 Lisa x

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